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4C923DT 74HC4052PW BGY66B P80C552ABB/08 BZV55-B27 TDA1519 1PS76SB17 BAT74S 74HCT4020PW PBYR2045CT TEA1062M1 S83C654FHBB BUK7840-55 74LVCH2373ADB BZX284-C2V4 1N823A 74ACT11158N TDA3665 BY9304 PCF2113EU/F3 FTF3020-C/IG 74HCT4016D BD136-16 SAA5532PS HEF40245BP HEF40244BU 74LVT14D BZ

Philips Datasheets Catalog-69

Part NoManufacturerApplication
TDA7050 PhilipsLow voltage mono/stereo power amplifier.
SA5751D PhilipsLow voltage compandor
PCA84C923DT PhilipsMicrocontroller for universal infrared remote transmitter applications.
74HC4052PW PhilipsDual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
BGY66B PhilipsCATV amplifier module
P80C552ABB/08 PhilipsSingle-chip 8-bit microcontroller
BZV55-B27 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
TDA1519 Philips2 x 6 W stereo car radio power amplifier.
1PS76SB17 PhilipsSchottky barrier diode.
BAT74S PhilipsSchottky barrier double diode
74HCT4020PW Philips14-stage binary ripple counter
PBYR2045CT PhilipsRectifier diodes Schottky barrier
TEA1062M1 PhilipsLow voltage transmission circuit with dialler interface.
S83C654FHBB Philips16 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
BUK7840-55 PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Standard level FET.
74LVCH2373ADB Philips3.6 V, octal D-type transparent latch witch 5-volt tolerant input/output
BZX284-C2V4 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
1N823A PhilipsVoltage reference diodes
74ACT11158N Philips5 V, quad 2-input multiplexer, INV
TDA3665 PhilipsVery low dropout voltage/quiescent current 8.5V voltage regulator
BY9304 Philips10 mA, fast high-voltage soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifier
PCF2113EU/F3 PhilipsLCD controller/driver
FTF3020-C/IG Philips36 MHz, Full frame CCD image sensor
74HCT4016D PhilipsQuad bilateral switches
BD136-16 PhilipsPNP power transistors
SAA5532PS Philips3.6 V, enhanced TV microcontroller with on-screen display
HEF40245BP PhilipsOctal bus transceiver
HEF40244BU PhilipsOctal buffers with 3-state outputs
74LVT14D Philips3.3V Hex inverter Schmitt trigger
BZV49-C4V7 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes

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