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2421P BZW03-C430 PCA1465U/10 PCA84C422AP PCF8566T PCA84C222AT BZV55-C18 PMLL5233B P87C528EFBB HEF4027BDB N74F30244N SAA5503PS PHB11N03LT BZX284-B7V5 BUK456-200A TDA8377/N2 74LVC169PW TDA5636BT 74ALVC16245DL BZD23-C300 74ALS623AN PHP1N60E SA630N PCF2116GU/12 BLW32 BZV85-C5V1 BGY68

Philips Datasheets Catalog-76

Part NoManufacturerApplication
BSP126 PhilipsN-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor
HEF4531BD Philips13-input parity checker/generator
PCB2421P Philips1K dual mode serial EEPROM.
BZW03-C430 PhilipsTransient suppressor diode. Reverse breakdown voltage (min) 400 V.
PCA1465U/10 Philips32 kHz watch circuits with adaptive motor pulse
PCA84C422AP Philips2-5.5 V, 8-bit microcontroller for remote control transmitter
PCF8566T PhilipsUniversal LCD driver for low multiplex rates
PCA84C222AT Philips8-bit microcontroller for remote control transmitters. 2K ROM, 32 bytes RAM.
BZV55-C18 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
PMLL5233B Philips6.0 V, voltage regulator diode
P87C528EFBB Philips80C51 8-bit microcontrollers 16K/32K 512 OTP, I2C, watchdog timer
HEF4027BDB PhilipsDual JK flip-flop
N74F30244N PhilipsOctal 30line driver with enable, non-inverting (open collector)
SAA5503PS Philips3.6 V, standart TV microcontroller with on-screen display
PHB11N03LT Philips30 V, N-channel trenchMOS transistor logic level FET
BZX284-B7V5 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BUK456-200A PhilipsPowerMOS transistor. Drain-source voltage 200 V. Drain current(DC) 19 A.
TDA8377/N2 PhilipsI2C-bus controlled economy PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV-processors
74LVC169PW PhilipsPresettable synchronous 4-bit up/down binary counter
TDA5636BT Philips9 V UHF hyperband and UNF mixer/oscillator for TV and VCR 3-band tuner
74ALVC16245DL Philips2.5 V / 3.3 V 16-bit bus transceiver with direction pin (3-State)
BZD23-C300 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Reverse breakdown voltage (min) 280 V
74ALS623AN Philips5.5 V, transceiver
PHP1N60E Philips600 V, power MOS transistor
SA630N PhilipsSingle pole double throw (SPDT) switch.
PCF2116GU/12 Philips8 V, LCD controller/driver
BLW32 PhilipsUHF linear power transistor
BZV85-C5V1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BGY687 PhilipsCATV amplifier module.
BUK7540-100A PhilipsTrenchMOS(TM) transistor Standard level FET

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