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P80C550EBAA BZV90-C30 BZX399-C12 74LV4066PW BAS85 NE56632-45D PHP98N03LT BZX79-C2V7 PCA1465U BZD27-C13 RX1214B130Y TDA9813T SAA7110WP/01 PBYR3040WT PSMA43A P89C739ABB SAA7346H OM4031T BT138B-800G TDA8042M PCF2114AU/10 BYW97F PDTC124EK N74F132N HEF4001BT PCA1628U TDA8708A TDA2582

Philips Datasheets Catalog-68

Part NoManufacturerApplication
N74F711AD PhilipsMultiplexers
BGD704/07S PhilipsCATV amplifier module
P80C550EBAA Philips3.5-16 MHz, 8-bit microcontroller family, 4K/128 OTP/ROM/ROMless,8channel 8 bit A/D, watchdog timer
BZV90-C30 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BZX399-C12 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
74LV4066PW PhilipsQuad bilateral switches
BAS85 PhilipsSchottky barrier diode
NE56632-45D PhilipsActive-LOW system reset with adjustable delay time, 4.5V
PHP98N03LT Philips25 V, N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor
BZX79-C2V7 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
PCA1465U Philips32 kHz watch circuits with adaptive motor pulse
BZD27-C13 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Working voltage (nom) 13 V. Reverse breakdown voltage (min) 12.4 V.
RX1214B130Y PhilipsNPN microwave power transistors
TDA9813T PhilipsVIF-PLL with QSS-IF and dual FM-PLL demodulator
SAA7110WP/01 PhilipsOne Chip Front-end 1 (OCF1)
PBYR3040WT PhilipsRectifier diode. Schottky barrier.
PSMA43A PhilipsTransient voltage suppressor diode. Reverse stand-off voltage 43 V.
P89C739ABB Philips3.5-40 MHz, 8-bit flash microcontroller
SAA7346H Philips5.5 V, shock absorbing RAM addresser
OM4031T Philips6 V, Digital post-detection filter
BT138B-800G PhilipsTriacs
TDA8042M Philips5 V, Quadrature demodulator
PCF2114AU/10 Philips8 V, LCD controller/driver
BYW97F PhilipsFast soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers
PDTC124EK Philips50 V, 100 mA, NPN resistor-equipped transistor
N74F132N PhilipsQuad 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger
HEF4001BT PhilipsQuadruple 2-input NOR gate
PCA1628U Philips32 kHz watch circuit with EEPROM
TDA8708A Philips7 V, video analog input interface
TDA2582 PhilipsControl circuit for power supplies

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