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  • 74ACQ821LCQR
    Quiet series 10-bit D flip-flop with TRI-STATE outputs. Device with burn-in.
  • DM54LS240J/883
    Octal TRI-STATE Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver (Inverting)
  • ADC08061BIN
    500 ns A/D Converter with S/H Function and Input Multiplexer
  • DP8392CV-1
    Coaxial Transceiver Interface
  • 5962-8973401V2A
    Quiet Series Hex Inverter
  • CLC416AJE-TR13
    Dual, Low Cost, Low Power, 120 MHz Op Amp
  • LMC6681BIMX
    Single Low Voltage, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output CMOS Amplifier with Powerdown [Life-time buy]
  • LM1117-1.8MDC
    800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • 5962-8684702EA
    Dual Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator
    Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier
  • LM8365BALMF45
    Micropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuits with Programmable Output Delay
  • LP3984IBPX-2.0
    Micropower, 150mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator in Subminiature 4-I/O micro SMD Package
  • 5962-9091001MSA
    Octal D Flip-Flop with Clock Enable
  • LM2588SX-ADJ
    SIMPLE SWITCHER 5A Flyback Regulator with Shutdown
  • COP8FGH528N8
    8-Bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 8k or 32k Memory, Two Comparators, and USART
  • JM38510/33902BE
    Dual 4-Input Multiplexer
  • 5962-87623012A
    Dual 1-of-4 Decoder
  • LMX1511TM
    PLLatinum 1.1 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for RF Personal Communications
  • LM3622AMX-8.4
    Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Controller
  • ADC0820CCJ
    8-Bit High Speed µP Compatible A/D Converter with Track/Hold Function
  • LM2650MX-ADJ
    Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • ADC08131BIWM
    8-Bit High Speed Serial I/O A/D Converter with Multiplexer Options, Voltage Reference and Track/Hold Function
  • 5962R8776001SSA
    Octal Buffer/Line Driver with TRI-STATE Outputs
  • LM2594MX-3.3
    SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 KHz 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
  • LM4873MTEX
    Dual 2.1W Audio Amplifier Plus Stereo Headphone Function
  • LP2981AIM5-5.0
    Micropower 100 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
  • LF412MW8
    Low Offset, Low Drift Dual JFET Input Operational Amplifier
  • MM54C14J/883
    Hex Schmitt Trigger
  • 54F245LMQB
    Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Inputs/Outputs
  • LM4838ITL
    Stereo 2W Audio Power Amplifiers with DC Volume Control and Selectable Gain