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7C550EBAA 74HCT08DB BTA204S-600C SAA4981T 74HCT4040N BUT11F 74ABTH16821ADGG TDA8361 74ALS651N PDTA143XE PCA84C122AP PLS153A PDTC124ET BY9306 BYD53J BAT81 74HC564D LVT22V10-BD BSP152 PCF8574TS/F3 TEA5581T PHP7N40E BSN274A PMBZ5249B SA647DK 27C256A15FA SC68C562C1N BZV55-C39

Philips Datasheets Catalog-57

Part NoManufacturerApplication
SA5570N PhilipsBrushless DC motor controller
74HCT194U Philips4-bit bidirectional universal shift register
P87C550EBAA Philips3.5-16 MHz, 8-bit microcontroller family, 4K/128 OTP/ROM/ROMless,8channel 8 bit A/D, watchdog timer
74HCT08DB PhilipsQuad 2-input AND gate
BTA204S-600C PhilipsThree quadrant triacs high commutation
SAA4981T PhilipsMonolithic itegrated 16 9 compressor.
74HCT4040N Philips12-stage binary ripple counter
BUT11F PhilipsSilicon Diffused Power Transistor
74ABTH16821ADGG Philips20-bit bus-interface D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger (3-State)
TDA8361 Philips9 V,integrated PAL and PAL/NTSC TV processor
74ALS651N Philips5.5 V, transceiver/register
PDTA143XE Philips50 V, PNP resistor-equipped transistor
PCA84C122AP Philips8-bit microcontroller for remote control transmitters. 1K ROM, 32 bytes RAM.
PLS153A PhilipsProgrammable logic arrays (18 x 42 x 10), 40ns
PDTC124ET PhilipsNPN resistor-equipped transistor
BY9306 PhilipsFast high-voltage soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers
BYD53J PhilipsFast soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 600 V.
BAT81 PhilipsSchottky barrier diode.
74HC564D PhilipsOctal D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger; 3-state; inverting
LVT22V10-BD Philips3V high speed, universal PLD device
BSP152 Philips200 V, N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor
PCF8574TS/F3 PhilipsRemote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus
TEA5581T PhilipsPLL stereo decoder.
PHP7N40E PhilipsPowerMOS transistor. Avalanche energy rated.
BSN274A Philips270 V, N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor
PMBZ5249B Philips19 V, 6.6 mA, voltage regulator diode
SA647DK PhilipsLow-voltage digital IF receiver
27C256A15FA Philips2-7 V, 256K-bit CMOS EPROM (32Kx8)
SC68C562C1N PhilipsCMOS Dual universal serial communications controller (CDUSCC). Vcc = +5V +- 10%. Serial data rate = 10Mbps maximum.
BZV55-C39 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.

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