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T397 CXP87360 CXA1998BQ CXA1398P CXA1536Q LCX026AL CXA2108Q ILX724KA CXD2085M CXP80720BR ICX209AKB CXL5502P CXA1402N CXK5V16100TM-85LLX CXK5T16100TM-12LLX CXP82320 CXK1012P ICX080AK CXD2548R CXD1175AM CXA1262N CXA1737R CXD1185CR CXP829P60 SLD402S CXA2504N ICX074AK CXG1077TN

Sony Datasheets Catalog-22

Part NoManufacturerApplication
CXD1808AQ SonyCD-ROM Decoder
CXD2304R Sony8-bit 20 MSPS RGB 3-Channel D/A Converter
1T397 SonyVariable Capacitance Diode
CXP87360 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA1998BQ SonyRecording/Playback Equalizer Amplifier
CXA1398P SonyRecording Equalizer IC for Stereo Cassette Deck
CXA1536Q Sony8 mm VCR AFM Stereo Matrix
LCX026AL Sony2.3cm(0.9-inch)Black-and-White LCD Panel
CXA2108Q SonyConstant-Current Driver for Full Color LED Display
ILX724KA Sony2700-pixel x 3 line CCD Linear Sensor(Color)
CXD2085M SonyID-1 Detection
CXP80720BR SonyCMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer, 20 Kbytes ROM, 800 bytes RAM
ICX209AKB SonyDiagonal 4.5mm (Type1/4) CCD Image Sensor for PALColor Video Cameras
CXL5502P SonyCMOS-CCD 1H Delay Line for NTSC
CXA1402N SonyLow Power FM IF Amplifier
CXK5V16100TM-85LLX Sony65536-word x 16-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM
CXK5T16100TM-12LLX Sony65536-word x 16-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM
CXP82320 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXK1012P Sony1024-bit (128word x 8bit) non-volatile memory
ICX080AK SonyDiagonal 6mm(Type 1/3)CCD Image Sensor for NTSCColor Video Cameras
CXD2548R SonyCD Digital Signal Processor with Built-in Digital Servo and DAC
CXD1175AM Sony8-bit 20MSPS Video A/D Converter(CMOS)
CXA1262N SonyPre-amplifier/Power-amplifier for Tape Recorder
CXA1737R SonyAFM Stereo Signal Processor for 8mm VCR
CXD1185CR SonySCSI 1 Protocol Controller
CXP829P60 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
SLD402S Sony20W Array Laser Diode
CXA2504N SonySample-and-Hold Driver IC for LCD
ICX074AK SonyDiagonal 8mm(Type 1/2)Progressive Scan CCD ImageSensor with Square Pixel for Color Video Cameras
CXG1077TN SonyHigh Power SPDT Switch

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