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ICX258AK SLD302XT ICX099AL CXA1635M CXD3003R CXA2647N 1T404A CXA2067AS CXD2434ATQ CXP5080 CXA1391Q CXA1201M CXA3092N CXP81740A CXP912032 CXD1254AR CXP86548 CXA2060BS 1T387 CXD1244S DM-106B CXL5512M CXA3621GE CXG1028ATN CXG1117K CXP878P60 CXA2542AR CXA1855S

Sony Datasheets Catalog-17

Part NoManufacturerApplication
CXP7400P10 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
SGM2016P SonyGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FET
ICX258AK SonyDiagonal 6mm (Type1/3) CCD Image Sensor for NTSCColor Video Cameras
SLD302XT Sony200mW High Power Laser Diode
ICX099AL Sony1/2-inch Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor withSquare Pixel for B/W Cameras
CXA1635M SonyStereo Pre-Amplifier/Power-Amplifier with 3V Governor
CXD3003R SonyCD Digital Signal Processor with Built-in DigitalServo and DAC
CXA2647N SonyRF Signal Processor for CD Players
1T404A SonyVariable Capacitance Diode
CXA2067AS SonyPreamplifier for High-Resolution Computer Display
CXD2434ATQ SonyTiming Generator for Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor
CXP5080 SonyCMOS 4-bit Single Chip MicrocomputerPiggyback/evaluator type
CXA1391Q SonyProcessing IC for Complementary Color Mosaic CCD Camera
CXA1201M SonyVCR Image I/O Signal Processing
CXA3092N Sony4ch. Read/Write Amplifier for Thin Film Head of Hard Disk Drive
CXP81740A SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXP912032 SonyCMOS 16-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXD1254AR SonyCCD Camera Synchronization and Timing Signal Generator
CXP86548 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA2060BS SonyY/C/RGB/D for PAL/NTSC/SECAM color TVs
1T387 SonyVariable Capacitance Diode
CXD1244S SonyDigital filter for CD player
DM-106B SonyMagnetoresistance Element
CXL5512M SonyCMOS-CCD 1H Delay Line for NTSC
CXA3621GE SonyFingerprint Verification System LSI
CXG1028ATN SonyGSM900/1800/1900 SPDT TX/RX Switch
CXG1117K SonyPower Amplifier Module for JCDMA
CXP878P60 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA2542AR SonyRF Signal Processing Servo Amplifier for CD Player
CXA1855S SonyI^2C Bus-Compatible Audio/Video Switch

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