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P84648 CXP83412 CXD2302Q CXA2066S CXA3095N SLD303WT CXP922032 CXA2016S CXP874P60 CXD2401R ICX089AK CXA1814N CXA1553P CXA3218N CXK582000YM ILX514 CXK77V3211Q-14 CXP85632 CXA3031Q SLD304XT SLD238VL ILX521A ILX532A ICX252AQF CXA1439M CXP84600 CXA3107N CXA1853Q

Sony Datasheets Catalog-19

Part NoManufacturerApplication
CXA1695L SonyAll Band TV Tuner IC (VHF-CATV-UHF)
CXP88160 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXP84648 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXP83412 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXD2302Q Sony8-bit 50MSPS Video A/D Converter with Clamp Function
CXA2066S SonyPreamplifier for High Resolution Computer Display
CXA3095N SonyAll Band TV Tuner IC(VHF-CATV-UHF)
SLD303WT Sony500mW High Power Laser Diode
CXP922032 SonyCMOS 16-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA2016S SonySync Identification for CRT Display
CXP874P60 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXD2401R SonyElectronic Iris Control IC
ICX089AK SonyDiagonal 4.5mm(Type 1/4)CCD Image Sensor for PALColor Video Cameras
CXA1814N Sony8mm VCR ATF
CXA1553P SonyDolby B type Noise Reduction System
CXA3218N SonyFM Demodulator for BS/CS
CXK582000YM Sony262144-word x 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM
ILX514 Sony3918-pixel CCD Linear Image Sensor(B/W)
CXK77V3211Q-14 Sony32768-word by 32-bit High Speed Synchronous StaticRAM
CXP85632 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA3031Q SonyRead/Write Amplifier(with Built-in Filters) forFDDs
SLD304XT Sony1000mW High Power Laser Diode
SLD238VL SonyIndex-Guided High Power AlGaAs Laser Diode
ILX521A Sony256-pixel CCD Linear Image Sensor(B/W)
ILX532A Sony7500-pixel CCD Linear Sensor(B/W)
ICX252AQF SonyDiagonal 8.933mm(Type 1/1.8)Frame Readout CCDImage Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras
CXA1439M SonyCDS for CCD camera
CXP84600 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Piggyback/evaluator type
CXA3107N SonyIF Amplifier for M-ary FSK Pagers
CXA1853Q SonyRGB Driver for LCD

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