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XD3005R CXD2917Q CXB1818Q CXP913040 SLD1132VS CXA2055P CXL5003P CXA2559Q CXK5T81000AYM CXB1581Q CXP823P24 CXA1208Q CXA3286R CXK5814P-55 CXA1202Q-Z CXA2503AR CXG1010N CXA2027Q CXA1946BR CXA3197R CXP80712AR ICX086AL CXD1175AP SGM2016AN CXD2301Q CXK58257AM-70LL CXA1819Q CXP80724AQ

Sony Datasheets Catalog-25

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ICX207AKB SonyDiagonal 4.5mm(Type 1/4)CCD Image Sensor for PALColor Video Cameras
CXB1565R Sony622Mbps Clock & Data Recoverywith High Sensitivity Limitting Amplifier
CXD3005R SonyCD Digital Signal Processor with Built-in DigitalServo and DAC
CXD2917Q SonyDigital Audio Data Modulation and Transmission
CXB1818Q SonyLaser Diode Driver
CXP913040 SonyCMOS 16-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
SLD1132VS Sony635nm Red Laser Diode
CXA2055P SonyPreamplifier for High Resolution Computer Display
CXL5003P SonyCMOS-CCD 1H Delay Line for PAL
CXA2559Q SonyPlayback Equalizer Amplifier with Music Sensor
CXK5T81000AYM Sony131072-word x 8-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM
CXB1581Q SonyFibre Channel Transmitter
CXP823P24 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA1208Q Sony8mm VCR Color Signal Processing
CXA3286R Sony8-bit 160MSPS Flash A/D Converter
CXK5814P-55 Sony2048-word x 8 bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 55ns
CXA1202Q-Z SonyREC/PB Amplifier for VCR
CXA2503AR SonyDecoder/Driver/Timing Generatorfor Color LCD Panels
CXG1010N SonyPower Amplifier for PHS
CXA2027Q SonyAnalog signal processor IC
CXA1946BR SonyElectronic Volume
CXA3197R Sony10-bit 125MSPS D/A Converter
CXP80712AR SonyCMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer, 12Kbytes
ICX086AL SonyDiagonal 4.5mm(Type 1/4)CCD Image Sensor for EIAB/W Video Cameras
CXD1175AP Sony8-bit 20MSPS Video A/D Converter(CMOS)
SGM2016AN SonyGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FET
CXD2301Q Sony8-bit 30MSPS Video A/D Converter with Built-in Amplifier/Clamp
CXK58257AM-70LL Sony32768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 70ns, standby 1uW
CXA1819Q SonyRGB Driver for LCD
CXP80724AQ SonyCMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer, 24Kbytes

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