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63-T ICS9131-01CS16 MK74ZD133YT GSP90C65M MK1432S GSP9108-10CS8 ICS512M GSP9159C-02CW28 ICS82C404N AV9148M-47 ICS604MT ICS673M-01 ICS9177-01CF52 AV9154A-26CS16 ICS9169CM-232 AV9248F-80-T ICS9108-05CS8 ICS9108-10CN14 MK712RI ICS542M MK3234-01S ICS307M-01I ICS9118M-01 ICS9173-15CS0

ICST Datasheets Catalog-3

Part NoManufacturerApplication
MK3723STR ICSTLow cost 3.3V VCXO
ICS9248F-163-T ICSTAMD-K7 system clock chip
ICS9131-01CS16 ICST32 KhZ motherboard frequency generator
MK74ZD133YT ICSTPLL and 32-output clock driver
GSP90C65M ICSTDualvoltage video/memory clock generator
MK1432S ICSTGreen PC and local bus clock source
GSP9108-10CS8 ICSTCPU frequency generator
ICS512M ICSTLOCO PLL clock multiplier
GSP9159C-02CW28 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for Pentium
ICS82C404N ICSTDual programmable graphics frequency generator
AV9148M-47 ICSTPentium/PRO system clock chip
ICS604MT ICSTIntel graphic clock source
ICS673M-01 ICSTPLL building block
ICS9177-01CF52 ICSTHigh frequency system clock generator
AV9154A-26CS16 ICSTLow-cost 16-pin frequency generator
ICS9169CM-232 ICSTFrequency generator for Pentium based system
AV9248F-80-T ICSTGeneral purpose 133MHz system clock
ICS9108-05CS8 ICSTCPU frequency generator
ICS9108-10CN14 ICSTCPU frequency generator
MK712RI ICSTTouch screen controller
ICS542M ICSTClock driver
MK3234-01S ICSTPortable system clock synthesizer
ICS307M-01I ICSTSerially programmable clock source
ICS9118M-01 ICSTFrequency generator for digital video system
ICS9173-15CS08 ICSTVideo genlock PLL
ICS9112G-26-T ICSTLow skew output buffer
ICS512MT ICSTLOCO PLL clock multiplier
ICS9158-03CW24 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer
ICS8530DYT ICSTLow skew 1 to 16 differential to 2.5V LVPECL fanout buffer
AV9148G-12 ICSTPentium/PRO system clock chip

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