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01STR MK2745-21S ICS9248F-72 ICS552R-01I ICS8533AG-01T ICS9120M-11 MK2771-16R MK2049-03SI ICS9250F-14-T AV2002V AV9248F-163-T GSP90C65V MK1443-03S ICS9147F-06 AV9112G-27-T ICS90C65V ICS570B ICS604M ICS9150F-01 ICS9159M-05 AV9148F-25 MK2049-35SI MK2772-01S ICS570AIT ICS94201F-T AV

ICST Datasheets Catalog-2

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ICS650R-07IT ICSTNetworking clock source
MK3234-01STR ICSTPortable system clock synthesizer
MK2745-21S ICSTDVD/MPEG clock source
ICS9248F-72 ICSTFrequency timing generator for Pentium II system
ICS552R-01I ICSTCrystal oscillator and multiplier with 8 low skew output
ICS8533AG-01T ICSTLow skew 1 to 4 differential to 3.3V LVPECL fanout buffer
ICS9120M-11 ICSTFrequency generator for multimedia audio synthesis
MK2771-16R ICSTVCXO and set-top clock source
MK2049-03SI ICSTCommunication clock PLL
ICS9250F-14-T ICSTFrecuency timing generator for Pentium II system
AV2002V ICSTWavedec digital audio codec
AV9248F-163-T ICSTAMD-K7 system clock chip
GSP90C65V ICSTDualvoltage video/memory clock generator
MK1443-03S ICSTSCSI and ethernet clock source
ICS9147F-06 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for pentium
AV9112G-27-T ICSTLow skew PCI/PCI-X buffer
ICS90C65V ICSTDualvoltage video/memory clock generator
ICS570B ICSTMultiplier and zero delay buffer
ICS604M ICSTIntel graphic clock source
ICS9150F-01 ICSTPentium/PRO and SDRAM frequency generator
ICS9159M-05 ICSTFrequency generator for Pentium/OPTi VIPER system
AV9148F-25 ICSTPentium/PRO system and cyrix clock chip
MK2049-35SI ICST3.3V Communication clock PLL
MK2772-01S ICSTVCXO and set-top clock source
ICS570AIT ICSTMultiplier and zero delay buffer
ICS94201F-T ICSTProgrammable system frequency generator for PII/III
AV9250F-30-T ICSTFrecuency generator and integrated buffer for Celeron and PII/III
AV9110-02CS14 ICSTSerially programmable frequency generator
AV9170-02CN08 ICSTClock synchronizer and multiplier
MK2049-03S ICSTCommunication clock PLL

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