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0M-01 ICS650R-21I MK2058-01SITR MK1432S GSP2595N-SD MK2731-04STR ICS581G-01T ICS650R-14I ICS9148M-47 ICS8737AG-11T MK3727DTR ICS9155-36N20 MK2049-34SITR ICS9148F-11 MK1491-06R MK2716S ICS9248F-162-T AV9120M-53 AV9170-01CS08 ICS615MT ICS9172-01CS16 ICS9248F-169-T ICS570BIT ICS511M

ICST Datasheets Catalog-26

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ICS9248F-134-T ICSTFrequency timing generator for Pentium II/III system
ICS670M-01 ICSTLow phase noise zero delay buffer and multiplier
ICS650R-21I ICSTSystem peripheral clock source
MK2058-01SITR ICSTCommunication clock jitter attenuator
MK1432S ICSTGreen PC and local bus clock source
GSP2595N-SD ICSTUser-programmable dual high-performance clock generator
MK2731-04STR ICSTMPEG audio clock
ICS581G-01T ICSTZero-delay glitch-free clock multiplexer
ICS650R-14I ICSTNetworking system clock
ICS9148M-47 ICSTPentium/PRO system clock chip
ICS8737AG-11T ICSTLow skew -1, -2 differental to 3.3V LVPECL clock generator
MK3727DTR ICSTLow cost 24-36MHz 3.3V VCXO
ICS9155-36N20 ICSTLow-cost 20-pin frequency generator
MK2049-34SITR ICST3.3V Communication clock PLL
ICS9148F-11 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffers for Pentium/PRO
MK1491-06R ICSTCS5530 geode clock source
MK2716S ICSTNDTV clock synthesizer
ICS9248F-162-T ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for Pentium/PRO, K6
AV9120M-53 ICSTFrequency generator for CD-ROM system
AV9170-01CS08 ICSTClock synchronizer and multiplier
ICS615MT ICSTSet-top box clock source
ICS9172-01CS16 ICSTLow skew output buffer
ICS9248F-169-T ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for Celeron and PII/III
ICS570BIT ICSTMultiplier and zero delay buffer
ICS511MIT ICSTLOCO PLL clock multiplier
AV2572M-SB ICSTUser-programmable dual high-performance clock generator
ICS9248F-87 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for Celeron and PII/III
ICS9148F-20 ICSTPentium/PRO system clock chip
ICS548M-03 ICSTLow skew clock inverter and divider
ICS90C65N ICSTDualvoltage video/memory clock generator

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