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ICS554G-01 ICS570AT ICS9148F-58 ICS9120M-08 MK3721S ICS85311AMT AV9179G-03-T ICS9248F-20 AV9148F-75-T ICS9158-05M ICS511MT AV9248F-87 AV9248F-110 ICS581G-01 ICS83940AY-01 AV9107C-20CS08 ICS9120M-52 AV9172-03CC16 ICS8531AY-01T ICS9248F-65 ICS9159N-05 AV9248F-168-T ICS570AI ICS9248

ICST Datasheets Catalog-13

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ICS674R-01T ICSTUser configurable divider
MK1420S ICSTOPL3, OPL4+ codec clock source
ICS554G-01 ICSTLow skew 1 to 4 clock buffer PECL in, PECL out
ICS570AT ICSTMultiplier and zero delay buffer
ICS9148F-58 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffers for PENTIUM/PRO
ICS9120M-08 ICSTFrequency generator for multimedia audio synthesis
MK3721S ICSTLow cost 3.3V VCXO
ICS85311AMT ICSTLow skew 1 to 2 differential to 2.5V/3.3V ECL/LVPECL fanout buffer
AV9179G-03-T ICSTLow skew fan out buffer
ICS9248F-20 ICSTPentium/PRO system clock chip
AV9148F-75-T ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffers for mother board
ICS9158-05M ICSTBuffered clock generator for Pentium/Triron system
ICS511MT ICSTLOCO PLL clock multiplier
AV9248F-87 ICSTFrequency generator and integrated buffer for Celeron and PII/III
AV9248F-110 ICSTAMD-K7 system clock chip
ICS581G-01 ICSTZero-delay glitch-free clock multiplexer
ICS83940AY-01 ICSTLow skew 1 to 18 LVCMOS fanout buffer
AV9107C-20CS08 ICSTFrequency generator for fible channel system
ICS9120M-52 ICSTFrequency generator for CD-ROM system
AV9172-03CC16 ICSTLow skew output buffer
ICS8531AY-01T ICSTLow skew 1 to 9 differential to 3.3V LVPECL fanout buffer
ICS9248F-65 ICSTFrequency timing generator for Pentium II system
ICS9159N-05 ICSTFrequency generator for Pentium/OPTi VIPER system
AV9248F-168-T ICSTAMD-K7 clock generator for mobile system
ICS570AI ICSTMultiplier and zero delay buffer
ICS9248G-150-T ICSTFrequency generator for multi-processor server
ICS650R-21T ICSTSystem peripheral clock source
MK2745-21STR ICSTDVD/MPEG clock source
ICS9120M-09 ICSTFrequency generator for multimedia audio synthesis
GSP1574BM ICSTUser programmable laser engine pixel clock generator

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