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032 LB1721M 2SC3989 2SC3919 SBL-121 2SA1882 LA5540 LC75834JE FC105 LB11975 2SC4435 2SK1427 LC86P5632 LB1695M 2SA1592 LA7696 ALP121AAX 2SA1476 MCH5801 LA6543M 3SK263 2SC5276 STK4038XI STK401-070 FSS138 2SD2252 SBA250-04R LC72121

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-70

Part NoManufacturerApplication
GZB33 SANYOSilicon epitaxial planar type, 1W zener diode
2SC2839 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, HF amp application
LC86E5032 SANYO8-bit single-chip microcontroller
LB1721M SANYOThermal head-use, 8-channel, transistor array
2SC3989 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, switching regulator application
2SC3919 SANYONPN transistor for switching applications (with bias resistance)
SBL-121 SANYOBeam lead type GaAs schottky barrier dode, C to millimetr band mixer, detector, modulator application
2SA1882 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, low-frequency, amp application
LA5540 SANYOMotor driver with regulator
LC75834JE SANYO1/4 duty general-purpose LCD driver
FC105 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon composite transistor, switching application
LB11975 SANYOHigh-Speed CD-ROM Spindle Motor Driver IC
2SC4435 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, very high-definition color display horizontal deflection output application
2SK1427 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application
LC86P5632 SANYO8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller with One-Time Programmable PROM
LB1695M SANYODC fan motor driver
2SA1592 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-voltage switching application
LA7696 SANYOColor TV ON-screen display interface
ALP121AAX SANYOLow-Temperature Polysilicon 1.5-inch TFT LCD Module
2SA1476 SANYOPNP transistor for ultrahigh-definition CRT display video output applications
MCH5801 SANYODC / DC Converter Applications
LA6543M SANYO4-channel bridge (BTL) driver for CD-ROM
3SK263 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET (dual gate), FM tuner, VHF tuner, high-frequency amp application
2SC5276 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, UHF to S band low-noise amp, OSC application
STK4038XI SANYOAF power (60W) amplifier
STK401-070 SANYOAF power amplifier (40W+40W)
FSS138 SANYODC/DC Converter Applications
2SD2252 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, color TV horizontal deflection output switching application
SBA250-04R SANYOSchottky barrier diode, 40V/25A rectifier
LC72121 SANYOPLL frequency synthesizer for electronic tuning

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