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B02W03S LA7285 LB1943 LC74786JM L78M12T VP503 LB1966M LC66E408 2SA1290 LC662306A LB1981V LA2113 FC114 2SA1433 LC75382E 2SB893 2SB881 LA7054 LB1247 LC680100A CPH3308 2SC4224 2SC3644 VP301 LC75372E LC72348W FC120 FH203

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-75

Part NoManufacturerApplication
2SD1681 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, 18V/1,2A switching application
STK400-010 SANYO10W, 3-channel, AF power amplifier (split power supply)
SB02W03S SANYOSchottky barrier diode 30V/200mA rectifier
LA7285 SANYOVCR audio signal recording and playback processor
LB1943 SANYOForward/reverse motor driver with braking function
LC74786JM SANYOOn-screen display controller
L78M12T SANYOVoltage regulator with output voltage 12 V.
VP503 SANYOCTR display video output amplifier
LB1966M SANYOFan Motor 2-Phase Half-Wave Driver
LC66E408 SANYO4-bit microcomputer with EPROM
2SA1290 SANYOPNP transistor 60V/7A for high-speed switching applications
LC662306A SANYO4-bit single-chip microcontroller with 6 KB of on-chip ROM
LB1981V SANYOThree-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
LA2113 SANYOFM noise canceler
FC114 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon composite transistor, switching application
2SA1433 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-definition CTR display application
LC75382E SANYOElectronic tone control for car stereo system
2SB893 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, large-current switching application
2SB881 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon darlington transistor, driver application
LA7054 SANYOVideo, audio signal processor for UHF band RF modulator
LB1247 SANYOActive-low input, 8-unit, high-current, low-saturation driver
LC680100A SANYO32-Bit RISC Microcontroller
CPH3308 SANYOP-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
2SC4224 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, switching regulator application
2SC3644 SANYONPN transistor for CRT display horizontal deflection output applications
VP301 SANYOUltrahigh resolution CTR display video output amplifier
LC75372E SANYOElectronic volume control for car stereo system
LC72348W SANYOLow-Voltage ETR Controller with On-Chip LCD Driver
FC120 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon composite transistor, low-frequency general-purpose amp application
FH203 SANYONPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Composite Transistor VCO OSC Circuit Applications

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