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1067 MCH6608 2SB764 LB1987M LB1868 LC864320A 2SD1830 1SV247 2SA2037 LC866416A LA6462M LA4460 2SC3597 DBF60 2SC5534 LC863348A LE28F4001T-20 2SC4705 SVC347 2SK2151 MCH6101 LC35W1000BM-70U SGD-100 FC140 DSA12T LB1634M FW133 2SJ194

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-3

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LC75878E SANYO1/8 to 1/10 Duty General-Purpose LCD Display Drivers
FTS2015 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
2SK1067 SANYO"N-channel MOS silicon FET, FM tuner, VHF-band amp application"
MCH6608 SANYOUltrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
2SB764 SANYO"PNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, voltage regulator, relay lamp driver electrical equipment application"
LB1987M SANYOThree-Phase Brushless Motor Driver for VCR Capstan Motors
LB1868 SANYOTwo-Phase Brushless Fan Motor Driver
LC864320A SANYO8-bit single chip microcontroller
2SD1830 SANYO"NPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, driver application"
1SV247 SANYO"PIN diode for VHF, UHF, AGC use"
2SA2037 SANYO"PNP transistor for DC / DC converter applications, 50V, 6A"
LC866416A SANYO"8-bit single chip microcontroller, ROM=16384b, RAM=640b"
LA6462M SANYOHigh-performance dual operational amplifier
LA4460 SANYO12W AF power amplifier for car radio or car stereo
2SC3597 SANYONPN transistor for CRT display video output applications
DBF60 SANYO"Diffused junction silicon diode, 6A single-phase bridge rectifier"
2SC5534 SANYO"NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor UHF to S Band Low-Noise Amplifier, OSC Applications"
LC863348A SANYO8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller
LE28F4001T-20 SANYO4MEG (524288words x 8bit) flash memory
2SC4705 SANYO"NPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, low-frequency general purpose amp application"
SVC347 SANYOVaractor diode (IOCAP) for AM receiver electronic tuning
2SK2151 SANYO"N-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application"
MCH6101 SANYODC / DC Converter Applications
LC35W1000BM-70U SANYO"Asynchronous Silicon Gate 1M (131,072 words x8 bits) SRAM"
SGD-100 SANYO"GaAs schottky barrier diode, C to X band, mixer, modulator application"
FC140 SANYO"NPN epitaxial planar silicon composite transistor, switching application"
DSA12T SANYO"Diffused junction type silicon diode, 1,2A power rectifier"
LB1634M SANYOLow-saturation forward/revers motor driver for low-voltage application
FW133 SANYOP-Channel Silicon MOSFET Load Switching Applications
2SJ194 SANYO"P-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application"

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