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0 3SK180 2SK3092 LB1869M DTM12G-N DLA11C LC73860 LA4625 2SK2951 LC338128PL-70 2SC3784 2SC3457 FTS2004 LA1266 2SC3781 2SC4484 LA6539M LC75811W 2SC3071 SB20-03E 2SA1392 2SD2261 LC321664BM-70 LC7851E TND011MP 2SK1895 DBF60T LC866216A LB1687

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-18

Part NoManufacturerApplication
2SC2999 SANYONPN transistor for HF amplifier applications
LC321667BJ-80 SANYO1 MEG (65536 words x 16 bit) DRAM EDO page mode, byte write
3SK180 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET (dual gate), high-frequency general-purpose amp application
2SK3092 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
LB1869M SANYO2-phase unipolar brushless motor driver automatic recovery type circuit
DTM12G-N SANYOSilicon planar type, 12A bidirectional thyristor
DLA11C SANYODiffused junction type silicon diode, 1,1A ultrahigh-speed rectifier
LC73860 SANYODTMF receiver IC
LA4625 SANYOTwo-channel 13.5W BTL audio power amplifier
2SK2951 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
LC338128PL-70 SANYO1 MEG (131072 words x 8 bit) pseudo-SRAM
2SC3784 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, driver application
2SC3457 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, for switching regulator
FTS2004 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
LA1266 SANYOFM/AM tuner of electronic tuning type
2SC3781 SANYONPN transistors for ultrahigh-definition CRT display video output applications
2SC4484 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-current driver application
LA6539M SANYOCD-ROM drive 3-channel bridge (BTL) driver
LC75811W SANYO1/8 to 1/10 Duty Dot Matrix LCD Display Controller/Driver
2SC3071 SANYONPN transistor, high hFE, low-frequency general-purpose amplifier applications
SB20-03E SANYOSchottky barrier diode, 30V/2A rectifier
2SA1392 SANYOPNP transistor for AF amp applications
2SD2261 SANYONPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor Driver Applications
LC321664BM-70 SANYO1 MEG (65536 words x 16 bit) DRAM, fast page mode, byte write
LC7851E SANYOQPSK demodulator and audio signal-processing IC for satellite broadcast reception
TND011MP SANYOLow-side power switch for use in solenoid, lamp drive application
2SK1895 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application
DBF60T SANYODiffused junction silicon diode, 6A single-phase bridge rectifier
LC866216A SANYO8-bit single chip microcomputer (16384 x 8 bits)
LB1687 SANYO3-phase brushless motor driver

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