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PCF84C21AT PDTC124ES 74HC42U TDA8046H 74HC4052N 74AHC08PW P87C750EBPN PSMA10A SAB9076H/N1 PCA1485U/10 UDA1324TS TDA1023 N74ALS161BN PCK2002DL SAA8113HL/C101/R5 PEMD6 74HC04PW PMLL5254B BYV1100 TDA1579 N74F647N 1PS70SB14 N74F138D BC858CF NE592D14 74LV132PW BYM56C OQ2535HP/C4

Philips Datasheets Catalog-143

Part NoManufacturerApplication
TDA4665T/V5 PhilipsBaseband delay line
BZA462A PhilipsQuadruple ESD transient voltage suppressor.
PCF84C21AT PhilipsTelecom microcontroller
PDTC124ES Philips50 V, 100 mA, NPN resistor-equipped transistor
74HC42U PhilipsBCD to decimal decoder (1-of-10)
TDA8046H PhilipsMulti-mode QAM demodulator.
74HC4052N PhilipsDual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
74AHC08PW PhilipsQuad 2-input AND gate
P87C750EBPN Philips3.5-16 MHz, 80C51 8-bit microcontroller familly 2K/64 OTR/ROM
PSMA10A PhilipsTransient voltage suppressor diodes
SAB9076H/N1 PhilipsPicture-In-Picture (PIP) controller
PCA1485U/10 Philips32 kHz watch circuits with adaptive motor pulse
UDA1324TS PhilipsUltra low-voltage stereo filter DAC.
TDA1023 Philips13.7 V, proportional-control triac triggering circuit
N74ALS161BN Philips4-bit binary counter
PCK2002DL Philips0-300 MHz I2C 118 clock buffer
SAA8113HL/C101/R5 PhilipsDigital PC-camera signal processor
PEMD6 Philips50 V, 100 mA, NPN/PNP resistor-equipped double transistor
74HC04PW PhilipsHex inverter
PMLL5254B Philips27 V, voltage regulator diode
BYV1100 PhilipsFast soft-recovery rectifier.
TDA1579 Philips12 V, decoder for traffic warning radio transmission
N74F647N Philips5.5 V, octal transceiver/register
1PS70SB14 PhilipsSchottky barrier (bouble) diode.
N74F138D Philips1-of-8 decoder/demultiplexer
BC858CF PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor.
NE592D14 PhilipsVideo amplifier.
74LV132PW PhilipsQuad 2-input NAND Schmitt-trigger
BYM56C PhilipsControlled avalanche rectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 600 V.
OQ2535HP/C4 PhilipsSDH/SONET STM16/OC48 multiplexer

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