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N TDA8376AH BT136B-600D SAB9081 74HCT4024D TEA1114A/C1 74HC4015DB PCF8573U/5/F3 TDA3665AT SA8016 PEMH13 27C64A-20N SAA5562PS BT136F-800F UDA1350ATS PCA1607U N74ALS153D BUK9524-55 N74ALS651N TDA8732 SA5214D PHD27NQ10T BB215 BAT721 SAA7274T BAT721A PHB11N06LT BC846AW BY8016

Philips Datasheets Catalog-141

Part NoManufacturerApplication
1PS75SB45 PhilipsSchottky barrier double diode.
P87C51FB-4N Philips80C51 8-bit microcontroller family 8K-64K 256-1K OTP ROM ROMless, low voltage (2.7 V - 5.5 V), low power and high speed (33 MHz)
TDA8376AH Philips9 V,I2C-bus controlled PAL/NTSC TV processor
BT136B-600D PhilipsTriacs logic level
SAB9081 Philips3.6 V, multistandard picture-in-picture controller
74HCT4024D Philips7-stage binary ripple counter
TEA1114A/C1 PhilipsLow voltage telephone transmission circuit with dialler interface and regulated strong supply
74HC4015DB PhilipsDual 4-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift register
PCF8573U/5/F3 PhilipsClock/calendar with Power Fail Detector
TDA3665AT PhilipsVery low dropout voltage/quiescent current 8.5V voltage regulator
SA8016 Philips2.5GHz low voltage fractional-N synthesizer.
PEMH13 Philips50 V, 100 mA, NPN resistor-equipped double transistor
27C64A-20N Philips2-7 V, 64K-bit CMOS EPROM (8Kx8)
SAA5562PS Philips3.6 V, enhanced TV microcontroller with on-screen display
BT136F-800F Philips800 V, triac
UDA1350ATS PhilipsIEC 958 audio DAC
PCA1607U Philips32 kHz watch circuits with EEPROM
N74ALS153D PhilipsDual 4-input multiplexer
BUK9524-55 PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor Logic level FET
N74ALS651N PhilipsTransceiver/register
TDA8732 PhilipsNICAM-728 demodulator (NIDEM).
SA5214D PhilipsPostamplifier with link status indicator.
PHD27NQ10T PhilipsN-channel TrenchMOS transistor
BB215 Philips30 V, UHF variable capacitance diode
BAT721 PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
SAA7274T Philips5.5 V, audio digital input circuit
BAT721A PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diodes
PHB11N06LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Logic level FET.
BC846AW PhilipsNPN general purpose transistor.
BY8016 PhilipsFast high-voltage soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers

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