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N BTA208B-800B TDA8373/N2 SA575ADK HEF4075BT PLUS405-37N SA605N NE527N BZA109TS 74LVCH16245ADGG BSR33 1N4151 1N4004ID BD139-16 N74F243N BZD23-C240 TDA8374C/N2 BZV85-C75 HEF40175BP P83C654FHB PBYL2025 P83C552IBA SAB9077H BU2523DF BT151B-800R PLC18V8ZIDH HEF4585BP BDX44 PHX8N50E

Philips Datasheets Catalog-134

Part NoManufacturerApplication
PBYR3060WT PhilipsRectifier diodes Schottky barrier
27C256-90N Philips2-7 V, 256K-bit CMOS EPROM (32Kx8)
BTA208B-800B Philips800 V, three quadrant triac high commutation
TDA8373/N2 PhilipsI2C-bus controlled economy PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV-processors
SA575ADK PhilipsLow voltage compandor
HEF4075BT PhilipsTriple 3-input OR gate
PLUS405-37N PhilipsProgrammable logic sequencers (16 ? 64 ? 8)
SA605N PhilipsHigh performance low power mixer FM IF system
NE527N PhilipsVoltage comparator
BZA109TS Philips9-fold ESD transient voltage suppressor.
74LVCH16245ADGG Philips16-bit bus transceiver with direction pin; 5 V tolerant (3-State)
BSR33 PhilipsPNP medium power transistor.
1N4151 Philips75 V, 450 mA high-speed diode
1N4004ID PhilipsRectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 400 V.
BD139-16 PhilipsNPN power transistors
N74F243N PhilipsQuad transceiver, inverting (3-State); Quad transceiver (3-State)
BZD23-C240 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
TDA8374C/N2 PhilipsI2C-bus controlled economy PAL/NTSC and NTSC TV-processors
BZV85-C75 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Working voltage Vz(min) = 70.0 V, Vz(max) = 80.0 V at Iztest. Test current Iztest = 4 mA.
HEF40175BP PhilipsQuadruple D-type flip-flop
P83C654FHB Philips16 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
PBYL2025 PhilipsRectifier diode. Schottky barrier.
P83C552IBA Philips24 MHz, single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
SAB9077H Philips5 V, picture-in-picture controller
BU2523DF PhilipsSilicon Diffused Power Transistor
BT151B-800R PhilipsThyristors
PLC18V8ZIDH Philips4.5-5.5 V, zero standby power CMOS versatile PAL device
HEF4585BP Philips4-bit magnitude comparator
BDX44 PhilipsNPN Darlington transistors
PHX8N50E Philips500 V, power MOS transistor avalanche energy rated

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