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HP50N06LT BB134 BT300B-600R BT258X-800R BC860 SC28L202 BUK9614-30 PRF949 BZX284-C56 BYM56D UAA2077CM/C1 PTM1300AEBEA TDA7053 PHB73N06T NE630N SA8026DH SA627DK BZX284-C15 TDA1519B/N2/S421 TEA1062A TEA6846H HEC40195BDB PCF2113AU/F3 N74F395N PZM3.3NB1 TDA3561A SAB6456 HEF4556BU

Philips Datasheets Catalog-107

Part NoManufacturerApplication
2PA1576R PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor.
I74F656AN PhilipsOctal buffer/driver with parity, non-inverting (3-State)
PHP50N06LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Logic level FET.
BB134 PhilipsUHF variable capacitance diode
BT300B-600R Philips600 V, thyristor
BT258X-800R PhilipsThyristors logic level
BC860 PhilipsPNP general purpose transistors
SC28L202 PhilipsDual universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART)
BUK9614-30 Philips30 V, tranch MOS transistor logic level FET
PRF949 PhilipsUNF wideband transistor.
BZX284-C56 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BYM56D PhilipsControlled avalanche rectifiers
UAA2077CM/C1 Philips2 GHz image rejecting front-end
PTM1300AEBEA Philips143 MHz, Media processor
TDA7053 Philips2x1 W portable/main-fed stereo power amplifier
PHB73N06T Philips55 V, N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistor
NE630N PhilipsSingle pole double throw (SPDT) switch
SA8026DH Philips2.5GHz low voltage fractional-N dual frequency synthesizer.
SA627DK Philips9 V, high performance low power FM IF system
BZX284-C15 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
TDA1519B/N2/S421 Philips12 W BTL or 2 x 6 W stereo car radio power amplifier
TEA1062A PhilipsLow voltage transmission circuit with dialler interface.
TEA6846H Philips10 V, New In car entertainment car radio
HEC40195BDB Philips4-bit universal shift register
PCF2113AU/F3 PhilipsLCD controller/driver
N74F395N Philips5.5 V, 4-bit cascadable shift register
PZM3.3NB1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
TDA3561A PhilipsPAL decoder
SAB6456 PhilipsSensitive 1 GHz divide-by-64/divide-by-256 switchable prescaler.
HEF4556BU PhilipsDual 1-of-4 decoder/demultiplexer

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