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T TEA1085AT BSP121 BFT25A PHP50N06LT PLC18V8ZIADB 74ABT16823ADGG 74HC4020D BZD27-C510 BYQ60EW-150 SC26C562C1N N74ALS245A-1D PCA1487U/10 BUK116-50S BAL99W 74LV126D PHB125N06LT 74LVC00APW BSP204A 74HC4040U BU4506DZ BF423 BYC8B-600 BF488 UBA2051T BY8108 N74F175AN TDA8730 TDA8702T

Philips Datasheets Catalog-106

Part NoManufacturerApplication
NE56631-29D PhilipsActive-LOW system reset, 2.9V
HEF4510BT PhilipsBCD up/down counter
TEA1085AT PhilipsListening-in circuit for line-powered telephone sets.
BSP121 Philips200 V, N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor
BFT25A PhilipsNPN 5 GHz wideband transistor
PHP50N06LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Logic level FET.
PLC18V8ZIADB Philips4.5-5.5 V, zero standby power CMOS versatile PAL device
74ABT16823ADGG Philips18-bit bus interface D-type flip-flop with reset and enable (3-State)
74HC4020D Philips14-stage binary ripple counter
BZD27-C510 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Reverse breakdown voltage (min) 480 V.
BYQ60EW-150 PhilipsRectifier diode ultrafast, rugged.
SC26C562C1N PhilipsCMOS dual universal serial communications controller (CDUSCC).
N74ALS245A-1D PhilipsOctal transceiver (3-State)
PCA1487U/10 Philips32 kHz watch circuits with adaptive motor pulse
BUK116-50S PhilipsLogic level TOPFET. SMD version of BUK106-50S
BAL99W PhilipsHigh-speed diode.
74LV126D PhilipsQuad buffer/line driver (3-State)
PHB125N06LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor Logic level FET
74LVC00APW PhilipsQuad 2-input NAND gate
BSP204A Philips200 V, P-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor
74HC4040U Philips12-stage binary ripple counter
BU4506DZ PhilipsSilicon Diffused Power Transistor
BF423 PhilipsPNP high-voltage transistors
BYC8B-600 PhilipsRectifier diode ultrafast, low switching loss
BF488 PhilipsPNP high-voltage transistor.
UBA2051T PhilipsOne-chip telephone IC with speech, dialler and ringer functions.
BY8108 PhilipsVery fast high-voltage soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifiers
N74F175AN PhilipsQuad D flip-flop
TDA8730 Philips9 V, PLL FM demodulator for DBS signal
TDA8702T Philips8-bit video digital-to-analog converter.

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