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S9711-F4 UPD70732GD-20-LBB UPC78L12T-E1 UPD753204GT-XX-T1 UPD65655 NEZ5964-4B MC-4532CD646PF-A10 RD11JS-T1 UPC4074G2-T2 RD43E-T1 2SJ207-T2 PS2561-2-V 2SK2481 2SJ210-T2B 3SK254-T2 RD9.1JS UPD16662N-XX TESVSP1C335M8R UPC2762TB-E3 2SC4095R RD27S 2SK2480 RD5.1M-T2B UPC2709T NEZ6472-4

NEC Datasheets Catalog-123

Part NoManufacturerApplication
PS2706-1 NECShade type multi photo coupler
RD2.2E-T4 NEC500mW Zener diode
PS9711-F4 NECHigh speed and noise prevention photocoupler
UPD70732GD-20-LBB NECBuilt-in control 32-bit RISC microprocessor(V810)
UPC78L12T-E1 NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
UPD753204GT-XX-T1 NECControl of equipment with LCD display function
UPD65655 NECCMOS gate arrays
MC-4532CD646PF-A10 NEC256M-byte(32M-word x 64-bit) SDRAM DIMM
RD11JS-T1 NECZener diode
UPC4074G2-T2 NECQuad operational amplifier
RD43E-T1 NEC500mW Zener diode
2SJ207-T2 NECMOS field effect transistor
PS2561-2-V NECPhoto coupler
2SK2481 NECNch power MOSFET MP-25 900V/4A
2SJ210-T2B NECP-channel MOS FET
3SK254-T2 NECVHF TV tuner RF amplification & mixer use N-channel MOS
RD9.1JS NECZener diode
UPD16662N-XX NEC240-output built-in RAM LCD column(segment) driver
TESVSP1C335M8R NECResign molded chip ultra miniaturized
UPC2762TB-E3 NEC3V drive medium output amplifier IC TYPEA f=1.9GHz 13dB
2SC4095R NECFor amplify microwave and low noise.
RD27S NEC200 mW planar-type 2-pin small-sized mini-mold referenc
2SK2480 NECNch power MOSFET MP-45F 900V/3A
RD5.1M-T2B NEC200mW Zener diode
UPC2709T NECMedium-output high-frequency wideband amplifier
3SK222-T1 NECDual-gate MOS FET
UPD65650 NECCMOS gate arrays
RD3.3E-TB NEC500mW Zener diode

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