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B9 PS9701-E3 GN1A4Z-T2 RD4.7JS-T1 PS2581L1 2SC3518 NEZ1414-2A RD39UJ UPD78217AGC-AB8 RD12E-T4 2SK3359-Z UPD784038GC-XX-8BT UPD17225MC-XX-5A4-E2 NE651R479A-T1 RD20ES-T2 2SA1461-L UPA836TC UPD78P324GJ(A2)-XX-5BJ UPC24M18AHF UPD178024GC-XX-8BT EC2-3T MC-4R128CEE6C-845 RD36JS-T2 RD33

NEC Datasheets Catalog-101

Part NoManufacturerApplication
UPD784046GC(A2)-XX-3B9 NEC16-bit single having 78K4 family 64KB memory
PS9701-E3 NECPhotocoupler
GN1A4Z-T2 NECHybrid transistor
RD4.7JS-T1 NECZener diode
PS2581L1 NECHigh-insulation voltage 4-pin photocoupler for long creepage mounting
2SC3518 NECSilicon transistor
NEZ1414-2A NEC14GHz band high-output amplification
RD39UJ NEC150 mW planar type 2-pin ultra-small mini-mold
UPD78217AGC-AB8 NEC8-bit single-chip microcomputer
RD12E-T4 NEC500mW Zener diode
2SK3359-Z NECNch power MOS FET
UPD784038GC-XX-8BT NEC16-bit single-chip microcomputer
UPD17225MC-XX-5A4-E2 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
RD20ES-T2 NEC400mW Zener diode
2SA1461-L NECSilicon transistor
UPA836TC NECTwin transistors equipped with different model chips(6P small MM)
UPD78P324GJ(A2)-XX-5BJ NEC16/8-bit single-chip microcomputer
UPC24M18AHF NEC500mA-output low saturation three-terminal regulator
UPD178024GC-XX-8BT NEC8-bit DTS controller
EC2-3T NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal.
MC-4R128CEE6C-845 NEC128M-byte(64M-word x 16-bit) Direct Rambus(TM) DRAM RIMM(TM) Module
RD36JS-T2 NECZener diode
RD33E-T2 NEC500mW Zener diode
UPC1694GR-E2 NECHi frequency wideband down-converter FM demodulation circuit
2SJ210-T1B NECP-channel MOS FET
RD18EB2 NEC0.5W DHD zener diode, 18V
UPD78P4038GC-8BT NEC16-bit single-chip microcomputer
UPC305G2 NECRegulated power supply
UPD70433GD-12-5BB NECIncorporates peripheral HW functions for printers/fax.

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