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7660JC-CA UPD753017GK-XX-BE9 RD8.2FB2 MC-4516DA726LF-A80 UPD43256BGU-B12 UPD16602N-XX UPC2771TB-E3 2SK1587 UPA801T MC-4516CD641ES-A80 2SA1463-T2 2SC3604 SVSP0E335M RD6.8UJ 2SA1612-T1 NE4210S01-T1 RD13FMB EP2S-4L5S UPD17235GT-XX-E1 RD20ES-T4 UPC78M24AHF UPD6345GS-T1 RD47F-T6 UPC40

NEC Datasheets Catalog-114

Part NoManufacturerApplication
2SK1485-T1 NECN-channel MOS FET
RD100S NECZener diode 2-pin small mini-mold
NX7660JC-CA NECInGaAsP strained MQW DC-PBH laser diode module
UPD753017GK-XX-BE9 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer with on-chip LCD controller
RD8.2FB2 NEC1W zener diode, 8.2V
MC-4516DA726LF-A80 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 72-bit) SDRAM DIMM
UPD16602N-XX NECLCD source driver analog system 312 outputs
UPC2771TB-E3 NEC3V power supply,+12dBm medium output high frequency amp
2SK1587 NECN-channel MOS FET
UPA801T NEC6-pin small MM high-frequency double transistor
MC-4516CD641ES-A80 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 64-bit) SDRAM SO DIMM
2SA1463-T2 NECSilicon transistor
2SC3604 NECFor amplify microwave and low noise.
SVSP0E335M NECResign molded chip ultra miniaturized
RD6.8UJ NEC150 mW planar type 2-pin ultra-small mini-mold
2SA1612-T1 NECSilicon transistor
NE4210S01-T1 NECGaAs HJ-FET for X to Ku band ultra-low noise, high gain amplification
RD13FMB NEC1W zener diode, 13V
EP2S-4L5S NECDC Motor Control(Lock current 25A max.)
UPD17235GT-XX-E1 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
RD20ES-T4 NEC400mW Zener diode
UPC78M24AHF NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
UPD6345GS-T1 NECDisplay driver
RD47F-T6 NEC1W Zener diode
UPC4092G2-E1 NECDual operational amplifier
EP1S-4L3S NECDC Motor Control(Lock current 25A max.)
UPC4072G2-T2 NECDual operational amplifier
RD30F-T8 NEC1W Zener diode
UPD45D128842G5-C75-9LG NEC128M-bit(4M-word x 8-bit x 4-bank)DDR SDRAM

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