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1501 PST621DDB PST574FM LAG639D PST9145 PST9342U PST3339 MM6560F PST9016 MM1228XF PST3248 MM1120XF MM1426 PST623XW PST3133 MM1035XD MM1095BF MM1377 PST9013 PST7031 MM1186XS MM1026BF PST9120N MM1116XF MM1506 MM1301GW MM3102F PST3342

Mitsumi Datasheets Catalog-9

Part NoManufacturerApplication
PST9341U MitsumiSystem reset
MM1257BT MitsumiHigh-precision three-pin regulator
MM1501 MitsumiVideo switch Y/C mix
PST621DDB MitsumiSystem reset(with battery back-up)
PST574FM MitsumiSystem reset
LAG639D MitsumiIC for multifunction telefones
PST9145 MitsumiSystem reset
PST9342U MitsumiSystem reset
PST3339 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM6560F MitsumiHigh precision operational amplifier
PST9016 MitsumiSystem reset
MM1228XF Mitsumi3-input 1-output video switch
PST3248 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM1120XF Mitsumi2-input 2-output video switch
MM1426 MitsumiDriver IC for vibrators
PST623XW MitsumiSystem reset
PST3133 MitsumiCMOS system reset
MM1035XD MitsumiSystem reset (with built-in watchdog timer)
MM1095BF MitsumiSystem reset (with built-in watchdog timer)
MM1377 MitsumiVoltage and current control
PST9013 MitsumiSystem reset
PST7031 MitsumiSystem reset
MM1186XS MitsumiVideo amplifier
MM1026BF MitsumiSystem reset (with battery back-up)
PST9120N MitsumiSystem reset
MM1116XF Mitsumi2-input 1-output video switch
MM1506 MitsumiVideo switch75O driverY/C mix
MM1301GW MitsumiProtection of lithium ion battery (four cells in series)
MM3102F MitsumiLow-ripple, low-saturation CMOS regulators, 2.5V
PST3342 MitsumiCMOS system reset

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