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Part NoApplication
VRE402JD Precision dual reference
VRE121C Precision high temperature reference supply
VRE210C Precision surface mount reference supply
VRE404BS Precision dual reference
VRE112CA Precision reference supply
VRE210M Precision surface mount reference supply
VRE210MA Precision surface mount reference supply
VRE101M Precision reference supply
VRE3021LS Low cost precision reference
VRE404AD Precision dual reference
VRE304AD Low cost precision reference
VRE118M Precision reference supply
VRE304-6LD Low cost precision reference
VRE405JS Precision dual reference
VRE304-6AS Low cost precision reference
VRE114CA Precision reference supply
VRE402JS Precision dual reference
VRE404JD Precision dual reference
VRE3021AD Low cost precision reference
VRE3041JS Low cost precision reference
VRE410CS Precision dual reference
VRE302-6BS Low cost precision reference
VRE3025CD Low cost precision reference
VRE405CS Precision dual reference
VRE110MA Precision reference supply
VRE120MA Precision high temperature reference supply
VRE305CD Low cost precision reference
VRE302AD Low cost precision reference

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Thaler Corporation Design and manufacture high precision A/D Converters, voltage references, pressure sensors, power amplifiers, power op-amps, power op-amps

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