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LX703A CXP85460 CXA3038N ILX503A ICX238AKE ICX084AK CXP1042Q CXD2315Q CXA1797Q CXL1517M CXA1946AQ CXD2500BQ CXA1645P CX20148 ICX255AK CXP750011 CXP87500 CXK591000M-70LL CXA1791N CXP834P16 CXG1008N CXD2053AS CXP88348 LCX024AKB CXK58257AP-12L 1T413 CXG1053FN CXD2508AQ

Sony Datasheets Catalog-37

Part NoManufacturerApplication
ICX055AK Sony1/3-inch CCD Image Sensor for PAL Color Camera
CXA1917AM SonyDolby S type Noise Reduction Processor
ILX703A Sony2048-pixel CCD Linear Image Sensor(B/W)with Shutter Function
CXP85460 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXA3038N SonyIQ Detection IC for Digital Satellite Broadcast Tuner
ILX503A Sony2048-pixel CCD Linear Image Sensor(B/W)
ICX238AKE SonyDiagonal 3mm(Type 1/6) CCD Image Sensor for NTSCColor Cameras
ICX084AK SonyDiagonal 6mm(Type 1/3)Progressive Scan CCD ImageSensor with Square Pixel for Cameras
CXP1042Q SonySystem Controller for Compact Disc Players
CXD2315Q Sony10-bit 80MSPS 1ch D/A Converter(Ultra-low Glitch Version)
CXA1797Q SonyDolby B-C Type Noise Reduction System with Recording Equalizer Amplifier
CXL1517M SonyCMOS-CCD Signal Processor
CXA1946AQ SonyElectronic Volume
CXD2500BQ SonyCD digital signal processor
CXA1645P SonyRGB Encoder
CX20148 SonyNoise Reduction
ICX255AK SonyDiagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) CCD Image Sensor for PALColor Video Cameras
CXP750011 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXP87500 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Piggyback/evaluator type
CXK591000M-70LL Sony131072-word x 9-bit High Speed CMOS Static RAM
CXA1791N SonyRF Amplifier for CD Players
CXP834P16 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
CXG1008N SonyHigh Isolation SPDT Switch
CXD2053AS SonyAuto Wide,EDTV-II ID Detection,ID-1 Detection
CXP88348 SonyCMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
LCX024AKB Sony1.4cm(0.55-inch)NTSC/PAL Color LCD Panel
CXK58257AP-12L Sony32768-word x 8-bit high speed CMOS static RAM, 120ns, standby 2.5uW
1T413 SonyVariable Capacitance Diode
CXG1053FN SonyPower Amplifier/Antenna Switch + Low NoiseAmplifier/Down Conversion Mixer for PHS
CXD2508AQ SonyCD Digital Signal Processor

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