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3E65W LH5P8128N-80 LH28F160BGE-TTL10 GP1S27 PQ5TS1E GL3HD62 PC357N7T GL1EG112 PQ1S22 PQ1S32 PC8D66Q LM16155 LH28F400BGHB-BL12 S21ME6 GP1S381 LH28F016SCHS-L95 6N138 PC123Y5 PC110L GP1U102X GL1HY135 GL5HD41 LH28F160BGHB-TTL10 IR3Y30M1 LH28F160S3HD-L13 LH28F160S3T-L130 LJ44KM01 GP1S

Sharp Datasheets Catalog-46

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LH28F008SCHR-L120 Sharp8MBIT Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40-pin TSOP
LT3E65W SharpLED lamp
LH5P8128N-80 SharpCMOS 1M(128K x 8)pseudo-static RAM
LH28F160BGE-TTL10 Sharp16M-bit(1MB x 16)smart 3 Flash Memory
GP1S27 SharpSubminiature photointerrupter
PQ5TS1E SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
GL3HD62 Sharp3mm(T-1), cylinder type, colored transparency LED lamp for backlight/indicator
PC357N7T SharpPhotocoupler
GL1EG112 SharpMini-mold LED lamp
PQ1S22 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
PQ1S32 SharpLow power-loss voltage regulator
PC8D66Q SharpLow driving current type photocoupler
LM16155 SharpCharacter type LCD module
LH28F400BGHB-BL12 Sharp4M-BIT (256K x 16)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
S21ME6 SharpPhototriac coupler conformable to european safety standart
GP1S381 SharpOptical guide photointerrupter
LH28F016SCHS-L95 SharpLH28F016SCHS-L95 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40 pin STSOP
6N138 SharpHigh sensitivity, high speed OPIC photocoupler
PC123Y5 SharpPhotocoupler
PC110L SharpLong creepage distance type photocoupler
GP1U102X SharpCompact,surface mount and reflow soldering type IR detecting unit for remote control
GL1HY135 SharpMini-mold LED lamp
GL5HD41 Sharp5mm(T-1 3/4),cylinder type,colored transparency LED lamps for backlight/indicator
LH28F160BGHB-TTL10 Sharp16M-bit(1MB x 16)smart 3 Flash Memory
IR3Y30M1 SharpCCD signal processor for B/W CCD cameras
LH28F160S3HD-L13 SharpLH28F160S3HD-L13 16MBIT (2MB x 8/1MB x 16)Smart 3 Flash Memory 64 pin SDIP
LH28F160S3T-L130 SharpLH28F160S3T-L130 16MBIT (2MB x 8/1MB x 16)Smart 3 Flash Memory 56 pin TSOP
LJ44KM01 SharpEL display module
GP1S52V SharpGeneral purpose photointerrupter
LT202A SharpGaAs hall IC for fan motor

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