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C350 S11MD8T GL8HS22 GL8HP5 LH540215U-25 S12MD3 LT1HP53A LT1H11A GP1F361R LH6V4256T-10 PC3Q64Q LH5116-10 LT5005E PC816C LH28F016SCB-L150 LT1KS67A LT1W67A GL3HY62 BSFJ78G25 GP2L20R GP1U101X GP1S09 PC932 LM64P83L LH28F400BVHE-BL85 LZ2313H5 LZ0P3621 LH531000BD PC713V3

Sharp Datasheets Catalog-28

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LH28F016SCS-L95 SharpLH28F016SCS-L95 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory 40 pin STSOP
LM64C350 SharpColor STN LCD module
S11MD8T SharpLow input driving type phototriac coupler
GL8HS22 SharpLED lamp
GL8HP5 Sharp1.9 x 3.9mm,rectangle type, dichromatic LED lamp for indicator
LH540215U-25 Sharp512 x 18/1024 x 18 asynchronous FIFO
S12MD3 SharpHigh speed/high noise resistance type phototriac coupler
LT1HP53A SharpDichromatic chip LED device
LT1H11A SharpMini-mold LED lamp
GP1F361R SharpOptical mini-jack for digital audio equipment
LH6V4256T-10 SharpCMOS 1M(256K x 4) dynamic RAM
PC3Q64Q SharpMni-flat package AC input type half pitch photocoupler
LH5116-10 SharpCMOS 16K (2K x 8)static RAM
LT5005E SharpDot matrix LED
PC816C SharpHigh collector-emitter voltage,high density mounting type photocoupler
LH28F016SCB-L150 SharpLH28F016SCB-L150 16M (2M x 8)Smart Voltage Flash Memory
LT1KS67A SharpDichromatic leadless chip LED device
LT1W67A SharpFull color leadless chip LED device
GL3HY62 SharpLED lamp
BSFJ78G25 SharpSatellite tuner
GP2L20R SharpCompact,thin type photointerrupter
GP1U101X SharpCompact,surface mount and reflow soldering type IR detecting unit for remote control
GP1S09 SharpPhotointerrupter with connector
PC932 SharpDigital output, high sensitivity type OPIC photocoupler
LM64P83L SharpLarge size graphic type LCD module
LH28F400BVHE-BL85 Sharp4M flash memory
LZ2313H5 Sharp1/3-type CCD area sensor with 270K pixels
LZ0P3621 Sharp1/4-type built-in lens color CCD area sensor with 320K pixels
LH531000BD SharpLH531000BD CMOS 1M (128K x 8) Mask Programmable ROM 28-pin DIP
PC713V3 SharpHigh isolation voltage type,general purpose Photocoupler

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