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H3212 LA1862M LA4466 LB1213 LC35256A-10 LA4905 FTD2022 LC865032A LA1185 2SA1575 LA4145 2SC3914 2SC4493 LA1895M LC74725M MCH6606 2SA1415 LM8562 FP402 DBC10 LC331632M-70 2SJ503 2SA1606 LC75742W LA7156 LB1971V 2SC5488 2SK1464

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-31

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LB1668M SANYO2-phase unipolar drive brushless motor driver
LC866428B SANYO8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller
CPH3212 SANYONPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors DC/DC Converter Applications
LA1862M SANYOSingle-chip tuner system for car stereo
LA4466 SANYOBTL-OCL 12W AF power aplifier for car stereo use
LB1213 SANYOGeneral-purpose transistor array
LC35256A-10 SANYO256 K (32768 words x 8 bit) SRAM with OE and CE pins
LA4905 SANYO17W, 2-channel BTL AF high-efficiency power amplifier for car stereo system
FTD2022 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Load Switching Applications
LC865032A SANYO8-bit single chip microcontroller
LA1185 SANYOFM front-end for radio-cassette recorder, home stereo application
2SA1575 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-frequency amp, wide-band amp application
LA4145 SANYO0,6 to 0,9W AF power amplifier for radio cassette recorder
2SC3914 SANYONPN transistor for switching applications (with bias resistance)
2SC4493 SANYONPN triple diffused planar silicon transistor, high-voltage amp, high-voltage switching application
LA1895M SANYOSingle-chip tuner IC for car radio
LC74725M SANYOOn-screen display controller LSI
MCH6606 SANYOUltrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
2SA1415 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-voltage switching, predriver application
LM8562 SANYODigital alarm clock
FP402 SANYON-channel MOSFET, high-speed switching application
DBC10 SANYODiffused junction silicon diode, 1A single-phase bridge rectifier
LC331632M-70 SANYO512 K (32768 words x 16 bit) pseudo-SRAM
2SJ503 SANYOP-Channel Silicon MOSFET DC/DC Converter Applications
2SA1606 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-voltage switching, AF 100W driver application
LC75742W SANYO1/2 Duty VFD Driver with Key Input Function
LA7156 SANYOVideo and audio switch for PAL-SECAM 21-pin interface
LB1971V SANYOThree-Phase Full-Wave Sensorless CD and MD Players Spindle Motor Driver
2SC5488 SANYONPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor VHF to UHF Low-Noise Wide-Band Amplifier Applications
2SK1464 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application

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