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0/F2 1N5246B PZM5.6NB1 BST74A KTY85-151 74HC/HCT9014 BZG04-82 PHP3N40E 74LV163PW TDA4680WP/V6 TDA1548TZ PBYR20100CTB BC847W BC368 BAT721S BZV37 PHB69N03LT PBYL2025 BT136M-600G SCC68692C1N40 BAW56W 1N4003ID BYQ63 PLC42VA12IA BUK110-50DL HEF4001UBP BAT54SW TDA7056AT/N2 BZX84-A51

Philips Datasheets Catalog-89

Part NoManufacturerApplication
MC145406N PhilipsEIA-232-D/V.28 driver/receiver
PCA1465U/10/F2 Philips32 kHz watch circuits with adaptive motor pulse
1N5246B Philips16 V, voltage regulator diode
PZM5.6NB1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
BST74A Philips200 V, N-channel vertical D-MOS transistor
KTY85-151 PhilipsSilicon temperature sensor, black
74HC/HCT9014 PhilipsNine wide schmitt trigger buffer/line driver
BZG04-82 PhilipsTransient voltage suppressor diode. Reverse breakdown voltage (min) 94 V.
PHP3N40E Philips400 V, power MOS transistor avalanche energy rated
74LV163PW Philips3.6 V, presettable synchronous 4-bit binary counter
TDA4680WP/V6 PhilipsVideo processor with automatic cut-off and white level control
TDA1548TZ PhilipsBitstream continuous calibration filter-DAC with headphone driver and DSP.
PBYR20100CTB PhilipsRectifier diodes Schottky barrier
BC847W PhilipsNPN general purpose transistors
BC368 PhilipsNPN medium power transistor.
BAT721S PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
BZV37 PhilipsBidirectional voltage regulator diode
PHB69N03LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Logic level FET.
PBYL2025 PhilipsRectifier diodes Schottky barrier
BT136M-600G PhilipsTriacs
SCC68692C1N40 PhilipsDual asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART).
BAW56W PhilipsHigh-speed double diode.
1N4003ID PhilipsRectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 200 V.
BYQ63 PhilipsRipple blocking diode.
PLC42VA12IA PhilipsCMOS programmable multi-function PLD (42 ? 105 ? 12)
BUK110-50DL PhilipsPowerMOS transistor. Logic level TOPFET.
HEF4001UBP PhilipsQuadruple 2-input NOR gate
BAT54SW PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
TDA7056AT/N2 Philips3 W mono BTL audio amplifier with DC volume control
BZX84-A51 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes

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