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TDA4662/V2 BYG80G BY8420 PCA84C122BP BZV55-F9V1 TDA1308T OM5234/FBA PDTC114TU PMBZ5233B PDTC124EE BUK455-100A 74LVC02ADB SCN2661BC1A28 BUK110-50GL JC546 OM5202/FBB PCF84C42AP TSA5526AT/C1 LLE18300X 74ALS574AN PCF8577CP/F3 SC87C51CYA44 SCC2692AE1N40 74ALVT162823DL HEF4094BPB PCF8

Philips Datasheets Catalog-200

Part NoManufacturerApplication
BZX84-A3V9 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
PZM3.9NB2 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
TDA4662/V2 PhilipsBaseband delay line
BYG80G PhilipsUltra fast low-loss controlled avalanche rectifiers
BY8420 PhilipsFast high-voltage soft-recovery rectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 24 kV. Package code SOD61AJ, inner band black, outer band dark blue.
PCA84C122BP Philips8-bit microcontroller for remote control transmitters. 1K ROM, 32 bytes RAM.
BZV55-F9V1 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
TDA1308T PhilipsClass AB stereo headphone driver.
OM5234/FBA Philips16 MHz, CMOS single chip 8-bit microcontroller
PDTC114TU PhilipsNPN resistor-equipped transistor
PMBZ5233B PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
PDTC124EE PhilipsNPN resistor-equipped transistor.
BUK455-100A Philips100 V, power MOS transistor
74LVC02ADB PhilipsQuad 2-input NOR gate
SCN2661BC1A28 Philips5 V, enhanced programmable communication interface
BUK110-50GL PhilipsPowerMOS transistor. Logic level TOPFET.
JC546 PhilipsNPN general purpose transistor.
OM5202/FBB Philips1.2-16 MHz, ROMless 8-bit microcontroller
PCF84C42AP Philips8-bit microcontroller
TSA5526AT/C1 Philips1.3 GHz universal bus-controlled TV synthesizers
LLE18300X PhilipsNPN microwave power transistor
74ALS574AN Philips5.5 V, latch/flip-flop
PCF8577CP/F3 PhilipsLCD direct/duplex driver with I2C-bus interface
SC87C51CYA44 PhilipsCMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontrollers, 4k x 8 EPROM, 128 x 8 RAM, 3.5 to 33 MHz
SCC2692AE1N40 PhilipsDual asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART)
74ALVT162823DL Philips18-bit bus-interface D-type flip-flop with reset and enable with 30 Ohm termination resistors (3-State)
HEF4094BPB Philips8-stage shift-and-store bus register
PCF8584P Philips5.5 V, I2C-bus controller
P80C652IFPN Philips24 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
SC68C198C1A Philips5 V, octal UART with TTL compatibility at 3.3V and 5V supply voltage

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