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4007UBU BT137F-500F TDA8349A BYD163 TEA1610T BF824 SAA7284ZP TDA9330H BST16 PBYR2060CTB 1N5062 PCF2112CP/F1 PHD9NQ20T PSMA36A BC856AW 74LVC841ADB PHP10N10E 74HCT366D BC177 BY229F-200 PBYR740D 74HCT597U SA5222D TDA8547 TDA6107Q BZX284-C16 BD825 HEF4512BT

Philips Datasheets Catalog-223

Part NoManufacturerApplication
US1D Philips200 V, SMA ultra fast low-loss controlled avalanche rectifier
BUK106-50SP PhilipsPowerMOS transistor Logic level TOPFET
HEF4007UBU PhilipsDual complementary pair and inverter
BT137F-500F Philips500 V, triac
TDA8349A PhilipsMultistandard IF amplifier and demodulator
BYD163 PhilipsUltra fast low-loss rectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 600 V.
TEA1610T Philips14 V, Zero-voltage-switching resonant converter controller
BF824 PhilipsPNP medium frequency transistor.
SAA7284ZP PhilipsTerrestrial digital sound decoder for conventional intercarrier PLL-IF systems.
TDA9330H Philips8 V, I2C-bus controlled TV display processor
BST16 PhilipsPNP high-voltage transistor.
PBYR2060CTB PhilipsRectifier diode. Schottky barrier.
1N5062 PhilipsControlled avalanche rectifier. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 800 V.
PCF2112CP/F1 PhilipsLCD drivers
PHD9NQ20T Philips200 V, N-channel trenchMOS transistor
PSMA36A Philips36 V, 1 mA, transient voltage suppressor diode
BC856AW PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor.
74LVC841ADB Philips10-bit transparent latch with 5 V tolerant inputs/outputs (3-State)
PHP10N10E Philips100 V, power MOS transistor
74HCT366D PhilipsHex buffer/line driver; 3-state; inverting
BC177 Philips50 V, PNP general purpose transistor
BY229F-200 PhilipsRectifier diode fast, soft-recovery.
PBYR740D PhilipsRectifier diodes Schottky barrier
74HCT597U Philips8-bit shift register with input flip-flops
SA5222D Philips6 V, low-power FDDI transimpedance amplifier
TDA8547 Philips2 x 1 W BTL audio amplifier with output channel switching.
TDA6107Q PhilipsTriple video output amplifier
BZX284-C16 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
BD825 PhilipsNPN power transistors
HEF4512BT Philips8-input multiplexer with 3-state output

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