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UK436W-200B BCW69 BZX55-C33 TDA9814T 74HC564N BLF2048 BLY87 PCD3332-3T TDA5330T/C6 LLE18300X P51XAG33JFA BAP51-03 PCD3310P PCF8594C-2P/02 BYD17G 74HC9114N BZW03-C15 74ACT11979N N74ALS32D MPSA42 BU4506DX BC327 BZV85-C62 UMA1015AM/C1 BT137-600F MC145406D BC640 BZT03-C22

Philips Datasheets Catalog-189

Part NoManufacturerApplication
TDA9801 PhilipsSingle standard VIF-PLL demodulator and FM-PLL detector
SAA7188AWP Philips5 V, digital video encoder
BUK436W-200B PhilipsPowerMOS transistor.
BCW69 PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor.
BZX55-C33 Philips33 V, 5 mA, voltage regulator diode
TDA9814T PhilipsMultistandard VIF-PLL with QSS-IF and dual FM-PLL/AM demodulator
74HC564N PhilipsOctal D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger; 3-state; inverting
BLF2048 PhilipsUHF push-pull power LDMOS transistor
BLY87 Philips36 V, VHF power transistor
PCD3332-3T Philips7 V, Multistandard pulse/tone repertory dialler/ringer
TDA5330T/C6 PhilipsVHF, UHF and Hyperband mixer/oscillator for TV and VCR 3-band tuners
LLE18300X PhilipsNPN microwave power transistor
P51XAG33JFA PhilipsXA 16-bit microcontroller, 32K/512 ROM, watchdog, 2 UARTs
BAP51-03 PhilipsGeneral purpose PIN diode.
PCD3310P Philips6 V, pulse and DTMF dialler with redial
PCF8594C-2P/02 Philips256 to 1024 x 8-bit CMOS EEPROMs with I2C-bus interface
BYD17G PhilipsGeneral purpose controlled avalanche rectifiers
74HC9114N PhilipsNine wide Schmitt trigger buffer; open drain outputs; inverting
BZW03-C15 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
74ACT11979N Philips5 V, 8-bit multiplexed I/O read-back register
N74ALS32D PhilipsQuad 2-Input OR gate
MPSA42 PhilipsNPN high-voltage transistor.
BU4506DX PhilipsSilicon Diffused Power Transistor
BC327 PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor
BZV85-C62 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes
UMA1015AM/C1 PhilipsLow-power dual frequency synthesizer for radio communications
BT137-600F PhilipsTriacs
MC145406D PhilipsEIA-232-D/V.28 driver/receiver.
BC640 PhilipsPNP medium power transistors
BZT03-C22 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes

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