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/N1 SAA5503PS TDA5736M/C2 P80C652FBA/S3 PXAS33KFBE BAS40-06W BUK453-60B BT258X-600R PCK2509SLDH BUK481-100A P80C652EBP SAA2503HT PCF8591P TDA5145TS BZX55-C6V2 BGD508 74ALS253N HEF4020BT BYV133F-45 74AHC374D PXB16050U 74ABT648DB 2N5551 74HCT366U N74F805D BY8104 PCF8579U/7 74HC4052

Philips Datasheets Catalog-166

Part NoManufacturerApplication
UDA1340M/N1 PhilipsLow-voltage low-power stereo audio CODEC with DSP features
TDA8501T/N1 PhilipsPAL/NTSC encoder
SAA5503PS Philips3.6 V, TV microcontroller with closed captioning and on-screen display
TDA5736M/C2 Philips5 V VHF, hyperband and UHF mixers/oscillators for TV and VCR 3-band tuners
P80C652FBA/S3 PhilipsCMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontrollers
PXAS33KFBE Philips30 MHz, 16-bit microcontroller family
BAS40-06W PhilipsSchottky barrier (double) diode.
BUK453-60B Philips60 V, power MOS transistor
BT258X-600R PhilipsThyristors logic level
PCK2509SLDH Philips50-150 MHz 19 SDRAM clock driver
BUK481-100A PhilipsPowerMOS transistor
P80C652EBP Philips16 MHz, CMOS single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
SAA2503HT PhilipsMPEG2 audio decoder.
PCF8591P Philips8-bit A/D and D/A converter
TDA5145TS PhilipsBrushless DC motor drive circuit
BZX55-C6V2 Philips6.2 V, 5 mA, voltage regulator diode
BGD508 Philips24 V, CATV amplifier module
74ALS253N Philips5.5 V, dual 4-input multiplexer
HEF4020BT Philips14-stage binary counter
BYV133F-45 Philips45 V, schottky barrier rectifier diode
74AHC374D PhilipsOctal D-type flip-flop; positive edge-trigger; 3-state
PXB16050U Philips45 V, NPN microwave power transistor
74ABT648DB PhilipsOctal transceiver, register, inverting (3-State)
2N5551 PhilipsNPN high-voltage transistor.
74HCT366U PhilipsHex buffer/line driver; 3-state; inverting
N74F805D PhilipsHex 2-input NOR drivers
BY8104 Philips20 mA, Very fast high-voltage soft-recovery controlled avalanche rectifier
PCF8579U/7 PhilipsLCD column driver for dot matrix graphic displays
74HC4052D PhilipsDual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer
TDA8580 PhilipsMulti-purpose power amplifier

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