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BO/FC 74AC11652 FB2033BB P80C575EBPN PSMA11A BAV103 TEA1062/C3 SAA7182AWP SCN68652AC2F40 74HC237U SC68C562C1N 74HC4059N3 BC847AF BYV29X-600 PHB125N06LT LTE21009R P51XAG30JBA NE587D BZX284-B11 PSMN015-100P BZV85-C75 BCF32 PXTA93 HEF4512BPB P87C552-5A68 HEF4011BP BC858BF HEF4520BPB

Philips Datasheets Catalog-157

Part NoManufacturerApplication
74ABT16374BDL Philips16-bit D-type flip-flop; positive-edge trigger (3-State)
BGY887BO/FC Philips24 V, optical receiver module
74AC11652 Philips5 V, octal transceiver/register with direction pin (3-state), INV
FB2033BB Philips8-bit latched/registered/pass-thru futurebus + universal interface transceiver.
P80C575EBPN Philips80C51 8-bit microcontroller family 8K/256 OTP/ROM/ROMless, 4 comparator, failure detect circuitry, watchdog timer
PSMA11A PhilipsTransient voltage suppressor diodes
BAV103 PhilipsGeneral purpose diodes
TEA1062/C3 PhilipsLow voltage transmission circuits with dialler interface
SAA7182AWP Philips3.5 V, digital video encoder
SCN68652AC2F40 PhilipsMulti-protocol communications controller (MPCC).
74HC237U Philips3-to-8 line decoder/demultiplexer with address latches
SC68C562C1N PhilipsCMOS dual universal serial communications controller (CDUSCC)
74HC4059N3 Philipsprogrammable divide-by-n counter
BC847AF PhilipsNPN general purpose transistor.
BYV29X-600 PhilipsRectifier diodes ultrafast
PHB125N06LT PhilipsTrenchMOS transistor. Logic level FET.
LTE21009R PhilipsNPN microwave power transistor
P51XAG30JBA PhilipsXA 16-bit microcontroller, ROMless, watchdog, 2 UARTs
NE587D PhilipsLED decoder/driver
BZX284-B11 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode.
PSMN015-100P Philips100 V, N-channel logic level trenchMOS transistor
BZV85-C75 PhilipsVoltage regulator diode. Working voltage Vz(min) = 70.0 V, Vz(max) = 80.0 V at Iztest. Test current Iztest = 4 mA.
BCF32 PhilipsNPN general purpose transistor
PXTA93 PhilipsPNP high-voltage transistor.
HEF4512BPB Philips8-input multiplexer with 3-state output
P87C552-5A68 Philips16 MHz, single-chip 8-bit microcontroller
HEF4011BP PhilipsQuadruple 2-input NAND gate
BC858BF PhilipsPNP general purpose transistor.
HEF4520BPB PhilipsDual binary counter
BZT03-C160 PhilipsVoltage regulator diodes

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