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883 COP8SAC720Q3 LM136-2.5MDS LM4890MM 74F2645SCQR LM2936Z-3.3 5962-89793022A LM304H LP2992AILD-3.3 5962-8752501SCA LM1117T-5.0 LMH6643MAX LM1117-2.85MWC LMH6702MF DP83934CVUL-25 LMS202ECMW JM38510R75002SD JM38510/75101SC LM3710XKMM-463 LP3872ET-2.5 5962-89658012A LP2966IMMX-3336

National Semiconductor Datasheets Catalog-64

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LMC6492BEM National SemiconductorDual CMOS Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Operational Amplifier
LM137HVH/883 National Semiconductor3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulator (High Voltage)
COP8SAC720Q3 National Semiconductor8-Bit CMOS ROM Based and One-Time Programmable (OTP) Microcontroller with 1k to 4k Memory, Power On Reset, and Very Small Packaging
LM136-2.5MDS National SemiconductorVoltage Reference Diode
LM4890MM National Semiconductor1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
74F2645SCQR National SemiconductorOctal bus transceiver with 25 Ohm series resistors in the outputs. Device with burn-in.
LM2936Z-3.3 National SemiconductorUltra-low quiescent current 3.3V regulator
5962-89793022A National Semiconductor8-Bit Identity Comparator
LM304H National SemiconductorNegative regulator
LP2992AILD-3.3 National SemiconductorMicropower 250 mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and LLP Packages
5962-8752501SCA National SemiconductorDual D Flip-Flop
LM1117T-5.0 National Semiconductor800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
LMH6643MAX National Semiconductor3V, Low Power, 130MHz, 75mA Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers
LM1117-2.85MWC National Semiconductor800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
LMH6702MF National SemiconductorUltra Low Distortion, Wideband Op Amp
DP83934CVUL-25 National SemiconductorSONIC-T Systems-Oriented Network Interface Controller with Twisted Pair Interface
LMS202ECMW National Semiconductor15KV ESD Rated, 5V Single Supply TIA/EIA-232 Dual Transceivers
JM38510R75002SD National SemiconductorTriple 3-Input NAND Gate
JM38510/75101SC National SemiconductorQuad 2-Input NOR Gate
LM3710XKMM-463 National SemiconductorMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input, Low Line Output, Manual Reset and Watchdog Timer
LP3872ET-2.5 National Semiconductor1.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
5962-89658012A National SemiconductorOctal D Flip-Flop with TRI-STATE Outputs
LP2966IMMX-3336 National SemiconductorDual 150mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
DS26LS32MW-MLS National SemiconductorQuad Differential Line Receivers
LMV105M7X National SemiconductorFixed-Gain Amplifiers
100328QMQB National SemiconductorLow power octal ECL/TTL bidirectional translator with latch. Military grade device with environmental and burn-in processing.
NMC2532 National Semiconductor32Kbit (4Kx8) UV erasable PROM
LM2574HVN-12 National SemiconductorSIMPLE SWITCHER 0.5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LM741AH/883 National SemiconductorOperational Amplifier
LP3985IBL-2.9EV National SemiconductorMicropower, 150mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator

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