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XDBP-232 CD4028BMW/883 LM111MDA 5962-9220101M2A LP2951CMX LM4130DIM5-4.1 LM120K-12/883 LM317HVH LM2798MMX-1.5 7703403YA 5962-8771001GA LP3985IBPX-2.9 JM38510/33004BD LM1117-ADJMWC LP3981ILD-3.3 PC87351-ICK/VLA LMS8117ADT-1.8 LMC6762BIN ADC12D040EVAL 54AC251LMQB-RH 5962-8775801RA

National Semiconductor Datasheets Catalog-62

Part NoManufacturerApplication
LM3622AMX-4.2 National SemiconductorLithium-Ion Battery Charger Controller
LM3705XDBP-232 National SemiconductorMicroprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input, Low Line Output and Manual Reset
CD4028BMW/883 National SemiconductorBCD-to-Decimal Decoder
LM111MDA National SemiconductorVoltage Comparator
5962-9220101M2A National Semiconductor9-Bit Parity Generator/Checker
LP2951CMX National SemiconductorSeries of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators
LM4130DIM5-4.1 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Low Dropout Voltage Reference
LM120K-12/883 National SemiconductorSeries 3-Terminal Negative Regulators
LM317HVH National Semiconductor3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator
LM2798MMX-1.5 National Semiconductor120mA High Efficiency Step-Down Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter with Voltage Monitoring
7703403YA National Semiconductor3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulator
5962-8771001GA National SemiconductorLow Power Dual Operational Amplifier
LP3985IBPX-2.9 National SemiconductorMicropower, 150mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator
JM38510/33004BD National SemiconductorDual 4-Input NAND Gate
LM1117-ADJMWC National Semiconductor800mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
LP3981ILD-3.3 National SemiconductorMicropower, 300mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator
PC87351-ICK/VLA National SemiconductorPC98 and ACPI Compliant SuperI/O with System Wake-up Control
LMS8117ADT-1.8 National Semiconductor1A Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
LMC6762BIN National SemiconductorDual Micro-Power Rail-to-Rail Input CMOS Comparator with Push-Pull Output
ADC12D040EVAL National SemiconductorDual 12-Bit, 40 MSPS, 600 mW A/D Converter with Internal/External Reference and Sample-and-Hold
54AC251LMQB-RH National Semiconductor8-Input Multiplexer with TRI-STATE Output
5962-8775801RA National SemiconductorOctal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Inputs/ Outputs
LM747AH National SemiconductorDual operational amplifier
5962-8876101EA National SemiconductorUniversal Switching Regulator Subsystem
LM2645EVAL National SemiconductorAdvanced Two-Phase Switching Controller With Two Linear Outputs
LP2992ILDX-3.3 National SemiconductorMicropower 250 mA Low-Noise Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and LLP Packages
LM4041CIM3-1.2 National SemiconductorPrecision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LM2924N National SemiconductorLow power operational amplifier/voltage comparator
LM148MW8 National SemiconductorSeries Quad 741 Op Amp
LM3420M5X-12.6 National SemiconductorLithium-Ion Battery Charge Controller

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