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SM5009AL5S SM5006ANES CF5021AD-2 SM5006ANFS CF5010BH1-1 CF5010AH1-1 CF5732GA SM8513P SM5883BS CF5003BB SM5002LDS SM5142AP CF5760DA CF5010BH2-1 M1105 SM5803APT CF5746ABA SM6781BV SM5623NA CF5009AN5 SM6611DAH CF5009AN1 SM5837AF SM6105S CF8140A CF5732JA CF5010AH2-1 SM8143AV

NPC Datasheets Catalog-4

Part NoManufacturerApplication
SM5133EM NPCFrequency synthesizer PLL IC
SM5009AL5S NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM5006ANES NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5021AD-2 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5006ANFS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5010BH1-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5010AH1-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5732GA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM8513P NPCSyncshronous/asynchronous converter LSI
SM5883BS NPCAudio 3rd-order D/A converter
CF5003BB NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC, 30 to 43 MHz
SM5002LDS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC, 70 to 90 MHz
SM5142AP NPCFrequency synthesizer PLL IC
CF5760DA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
CF5010BH2-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
M1105 NPCMelody IC
SM5803APT NPCMulti-function digital filter for digital audio
CF5746ABA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM6781BV NPCNi-MH/Ni-Cd Battery charger IC
SM5623NA NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
CF5009AN5 NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM6611DAH NPCMiniature high-precision temperature switch IC, output switch temperature 75C
CF5009AN1 NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM5837AF NPCVariable-length 1H delay line LSI
SM6105S NPCMulti-channel CMOS 8-bit A/D converter
CF8140A NPCEL Driver IC
CF5732JA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
CF5010AH2-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM8143AV NPCEL sheet driver

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