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Part NoApplication
SM5002LES Crystal oscillator module IC, 85 to 100 MHz
SM5610N5 IC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5006AHBS Crystal oscillator module IC
SM5006AKAS Crystal oscillator module IC
SM5846AP Multi-finction digital filter
SM5617NE IC for quartz crystal oscillating module
CF5009AL2 Crystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM5871AN Digital audio D/A converter
SM5619N3 Quartz crystal oscillating IC
SM5841A Audio multi-function digital filter
SM5006CNCS Crystal oscillator module IC
CF5010CL1-1 Crystal oscillator module IC
SM8211M POCSAG Decoder for pagers
SM5610K1 IC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5841C Audio multi-function digital filter
SM5160DM Programable PLL frequency synthesizer
CF5009AL4 Crystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM8140AM EL Driver IC
CF5705CG Analog watch stepping motor driver
SM5170AV PLL synthesizer IC
SM5617HD IC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5010CL1S Crystal oscillator module IC
SM5840B Multi-function digital filter for digital audio
CF5021LD-2 Crystal oscillator module IC
CF5022B1-2 Crystal oscillator module IC
SM5865CM D/A converter for digital audio
SM5840JP Audio multi-finction digital filter
NR8576AB Real-time clock module

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