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4-S NE76118 2SC3357 FA1F4N-T1B UPD6604GS-XX-GJG-E1 UPD65672 NNCD9.1A 2SC4225 UPC29M10HB LD7267 2SJ199 NNCD6.8A RD6.8F-T8 UPD16715AN-XX RD82E-T2 2SC5338 RD20ESAB3 UPC494G(1) NE52118 UPC7824AHF 2SA1412 2SK3354 RD4.7FB1 2SJ199-T2 PS9611L-E4 RD6.2EB1 PS2571L2 PS2511-1 RD13F-T6

NEC Datasheets Catalog-86

Part NoManufacturerApplication
2SK3434-S NECNch power MOS FET
NE76118 NECGaAs MES-type Field Effect Transistor
2SC3357 NECFor amplify high frequency and low noise.
FA1F4N-T1B NECCompound transistor
UPD6604GS-XX-GJG-E1 NEC4-bit microcomputer for infrared remote-controlled
UPD65672 NECCMOS gate arrays
NNCD9.1A NECZener diode ESD, surge protection
2SC4225 NECSilicon transistor
UPC29M10HB NECLow saturation three-terminal positive output voltage stabilization power supply
LD7267 NECKa-band, 80W/100W TWT for Satellite Ground Terminals
2SJ199 NECP-channel MOS FET
NNCD6.8A NECZener diode ESD, surge protection
RD6.8F-T8 NEC1W Zener diode
UPD16715AN-XX NECSource driver for 64 gray scale and 384 output TFT-LCD
RD82E-T2 NEC500mW Zener diode
2SC5338 NECHigh-gain transistor
RD20ESAB3 NEC0.4W DHD zener diode, 20V
UPC494G(1) NECSwitching regulator
NE52118 NECL-S band 4-pin super mini mold GaAsHBT
UPC7824AHF NECBipolar analog integrated circuit
2SA1412 NECSilicon transistor
2SK3354 NECNch power MOS FET
RD4.7FB1 NEC1W zener diode, 4.7V
2SJ199-T2 NECP-channel MOS FET
PS9611L-E4 NECHigh speed and noise prevention photocoupler
RD6.2EB1 NEC0.5W DHD zener diode, 6.2V
PS2571L2 NECHigh isolation voltage safety standard type multi photocoupler series
PS2511-1 NECHigh isolation voltage standard multi photocoupler series single transistor type
RD13F-T6 NEC1W Zener diode

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