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S)-T PS2701-1-V 2SK2415-Z-E1 MC-45V8AB641KFA-A10 2SC5192R UPD65650 UPD754244GS(A)-XX-BA5 UPC2748T-E3 UPD17235GT-XX-E2 PS2561L2-1 NE32484A-SL RD7.5FB3 UB2-24SNU-R UPD754144GS(A)-XX-BA5 FA1A4Z-T1B UPD65650 UPC4092C UPC1093G-E2 UPC1876GT-E1 RD3.3M-T1B RD10JS-T1 UPD754144GS(A)-XX-GJG

NEC Datasheets Catalog-207

Part NoManufacturerApplication
NE661M04 NECNPN epitaxial silicon transistor
UPC78L08J(HS)-T NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
PS2701-1-V NECShade type multi photo coupler
2SK2415-Z-E1 NECLow withstand voltage Nch MOS FET
MC-45V8AB641KFA-A10 NEC64M-byte(8M-word x 64-bit) Virtual Channel(TM) SDRAM DIMM
2SC5192R NECLow-voltage drive, high-frequency transistor
UPD65650 NECCMOS gate arrays
UPD754244GS(A)-XX-BA5 NEC4-bit single-chip microprocessor incorporated with EEPROM
UPC2748T-E3 NEC900 MHz band low noise amplifier
UPD17235GT-XX-E2 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
PS2561L2-1 NECPhoto coupler
NE32484A-SL NECN channel heterojunction type field effect transistor
RD7.5FB3 NEC1W zener diode, 7.5V
UB2-24SNU-R NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
UPD754144GS(A)-XX-BA5 NEC4-bit single-chip microprocessor incorporated with EEPROM
FA1A4Z-T1B NECCompound transistor
UPD65650 NECCMOS gate arrays
UPC4092C NECDual operational amplifier
UPC1093G-E2 NECVariable shunt regulator
UPC1876GT-E1 NECUS multichannel television sound processing LSI
RD3.3M-T1B NEC200mW Zener diode
RD10JS-T1 NECRegulation diode
UPD754144GS(A)-XX-GJG NEC4-bit single-chip microprocessor incorporated with EEPROM
GA1L4Z-T2 NECHybrid transistor
2SC3585-T1B NECFor amplify microwave and low noise.
2SC5801-T3 NECNPN transistor for high-frequency low noise
UPD17145GT(A1)-XX-T2 NEC4-bit single-chip microcontroller
UPD70F3017AYGC-8EU NEC32-bit RISC single-chip microcomputer V850/SA1
UPD16676GF-3BA NECLCD controller/driver, full-dot type
RD7.5FB2 NEC1W zener diode, 7.5V

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