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MR UPD70F3040YGM-UEU MC-4516CA726EF-A10 UPC3206GR-E1 2SK2511 UPD6134MC-XX-5A4-E2 UPD784021GC-3B9 PS2533-1-V RD6.8E-T4 MC-458CA726PFB-A80 UPA1703G-E1 RD91E-T2 RD9.1E RD20JS-T4 UPD75066CU(A)-XX UPD178024GF-XX-3B9 PS2533L1-1 EB2-3 PS2505L-1-F3 PS2505-4 2SC1009A-T2B UPD17228MC-XX-5A4

NEC Datasheets Catalog-225

Part NoManufacturerApplication
RD9.1E-T4 NEC500mW Zener diode
UPD70F3040YGM-UEU NECLow power 32-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller "V850/SV1"
MC-4516CA726EF-A10 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 72-bit) SDRAM DIMM
UPC3206GR-E1 NEC50dB AGC amplifier and video amplifier
2SK2511 NECNch vertical DMOS FET large-current actuator switching
UPD6134MC-XX-5A4-E2 NECSingle function 4-bit microcomputer
UPD784021GC-3B9 NEC16-bit single-chip microcomputer for system control
PS2533-1-V NECMulti-photocoupler
RD6.8E-T4 NEC500mW Zener diode
MC-458CA726PFB-A80 NEC64M-byte(8M-word x 72-bit) SDRAM DIMM
UPA1703G-E1 NECNch Power MOSFET 8bit SOP 30V/10A
RD91E-T2 NEC500mW Zener diode
RD9.1E NEC500mW Zener diode
RD20JS-T4 NECZener diode
UPD75066CU(A)-XX NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer incorporating A/D converter
UPD178024GF-XX-3B9 NEC8-bit DTS controller
PS2533L1-1 NECMulti-photocoupler
EB2-3 NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal.
PS2505L-1-F3 NECAC input matching, multi photo coupler
PS2505-4 NECAC input matching, multi photo coupler
2SC1009A-T2B NECSilicon transistor
UPD17228MC-XX-5A4 NECSmall general-purpose/remote-control 4-bit single-chip microcontroller
UPD70116HLM-16 NEC16-bit MOS microprocessor, 16MHz
MC-458CB646LFA-A80 NEC64M-byte(8M-word x 64-bit) SDRAM DIMM
UPD16772N-XX NECSource driver for 64 gray scale and 480 output TFT-LCD
EE2-9ND NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
EP1F-B3L3S NECDC Motor Control(Lock current 25A max.)
UPD78064GCA-XX-8EU NEC8-bit single-chip microcontroller, 32K ROM, 1K RAM, 40x4-bits LCD RAM
FN1F4Z-T2B NECCompound transistor

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