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1C UPD753012GC-XX-3B9 UPD784217AGF-XX-3BA UPC741G2-T2 UPC2792TB UB2-24NU-L 2SC3618-T2 UPD17202AGF-XX-3BE MC-45V16AD641KF-A75 RD6.2ESAB1 UPB1511TB-E3 EC2-3 UPC8131TA UPD78C18CW-XX 2SK2414-Z-E1(JM) PS7522-2A UPD65650 NX8563LB EC2-12ND UPG181GR PS2501-2 2SC2570A PS2703-4-V UPC7915AH

NEC Datasheets Catalog-198

Part NoManufacturerApplication
NE33284A-T1B NECN-channel heterojunction field-effect transistor
PS7141-1C NECDIP 400V Optical MOSFET
UPD753012GC-XX-3B9 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer with on-chip LCD controller/driver
UPD784217AGF-XX-3BA NEC78K/4 16-bit SC
UPC741G2-T2 NECSingle operational amplifier
UPC2792TB NECGeneral purpose silicon high frequency wide band amplifier IC
UB2-24NU-L NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
2SC3618-T2 NECSilicon transistor
UPD17202AGF-XX-3BE NEC4-bit single-chip microcontroller
MC-45V16AD641KF-A75 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 64-bit) Virtual Channel(TM) SDRAM DIMM
RD6.2ESAB1 NEC0.4W DHD zener diode, 6.2V
UPB1511TB-E3 NEC800MHz, low current 2/4 dividing prescaler
EC2-3 NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal.
UPC8131TA NECMobile communication low-distorition gain variable amplifier IC
UPD78C18CW-XX NEC8-bit single-chip microcomputer
2SK2414-Z-E1(JM) NECLow withstand voltage Nch MOS FET
PS7522-2A NECDIP 200V slow optical MOSFET
UPD65650 NECCMOS gate arrays
NX8563LB NECInGaAsP strained MQW DFB laser diode module
EC2-12ND NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
UPG181GR NECDBS twin IF switch amplifier
PS2501-2 NECHigh collector withstand photo coupler
2SC2570A NECFor amplify low noise and high frequency
PS2703-4-V NECShade type multi photo coupler
UPC7915AHF NECNegative output three-terminal regulator
2SJ448(JM) NECPch vertical DMOSFET MP-45F
UPC2907T NECLow saturation three-terminal positive output voltage stabilization power supply
NDL5551P1C NECOptical communication photodiode module
NDL7408PKC NEC1310 nm InGaAsP strained MQW DC-PBH laser diode
UPC2500AH NEC45 W AF power amplifier

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