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4744C UPD75004GB(A)-XX-3B4 EE2-4.5 RD36M-T2B RD100E-T2 2SK3325-ZJ UPD178006AGC-XX-3B9 UPD78064GC-XX-8EU UPD17005GF-011-3B9 UPD789101GS-XX RD43EB UPC4741G2-E1 UPD17149GT(A)-XX-T1 UPC4556G2-E2 UPC8112TB UPC78L07J-T PS9713-V RD22EB1 UPD753016AGK-XX-9EU 2SJ353 PS2506L1-1 2SD1691 UPD6

NEC Datasheets Catalog-185

Part NoManufacturerApplication
UPA1815GR-9JG-E2 NECPch enhancement type MOS FET
UPC4744C NECQuad operational amplifier
UPD75004GB(A)-XX-3B4 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer
EE2-4.5 NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal.
RD36M-T2B NEC200mW Zener diode
RD100E-T2 NEC500mW Zener diode
UPD178006AGC-XX-3B9 NEC8-bit DTS controller
UPD78064GC-XX-8EU NEC8-bit single-chip microcontroller, 32K ROM, 1K RAM, 40x4-bits LCD RAM
UPD17005GF-011-3B9 NEC4-bit single-chip microcontroller
UPD789101GS-XX NEC8-bit single chip microcontroller
RD43EB NEC0.5W DHD zener diode, 43V
UPC4741G2-E1 NECQuad operational amplifier
UPD17149GT(A)-XX-T1 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer with ROM(4Kx16), RAM(110x4)
UPC4556G2-E2 NECDual operational amplifier
UPC8112TB NECFirst-frequency down converter IC for mobile telephone
UPC78L07J-T NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
PS9713-V NECFor gate drive interface intelligent power module 5-pin SOP photocoupler
RD22EB1 NEC0.5W DHD zener diode, 22V
UPD753016AGK-XX-9EU NEC4-bit single chip microcomputer
2SJ353 NECP-channel MOS-type silicon field effect transistor (-60
PS2506L1-1 NECAC input matching, Darlington output photo coupler
2SD1691 NECNPN power transistor, 60V, 5 ampere
UPD65658 NECCMOS gate arrays
UPC4574G2 NECQuad operational amplifier
UPC29S10GR NECLow saturation positive output stabilization power circuit with ON/OFF function
UPC1675G NECGeneral-purpose high frequency wideband amplifier
UPA806T NEC6-pin small MM high-frequency double transistor
EP1-B3G1S NECDC Motor Control(Lock current 25A max.) etc.
UPD9611GT NEC4-channel PCM(G.711) codec, single 5V power supply, DGS function

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