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UPC78L10T-E2 UPC1099GS-T2 PS2525L-1 EP2S-4L3T RD4.7JS-T2 UPC4574G2(5)-T2 2SK2514 RD2.2ESAB1 2SC3841-T2B RD36JS 2SK2412 2SC3632-Z UPA1913TE-T2 NNCD8.2F 2SC4175-T1 UPD16873MC-6A4 UPD78CP18GQ-36 RD5.1F-T8 UPD70F3037AGF-3BA PS2503L-1 NDL5531PD 2SK3359-S UPD16640CN-XX UPD754144GS-XX-B

NEC Datasheets Catalog-148

Part NoManufacturerApplication
UPD784215AGF-XX-3BA NEC100-pin general-purpose 16-bit single-chip microcomputer
UPC78L10T-E2 NECPositive output three-terminal regulator
UPC1099GS-T2 NECSwitching regulator
PS2525L-1 NECNEPOC double mold product 4-pin multiple
EP2S-4L3T NECDC Motor Control(Lock current 25A max.)
RD4.7JS-T2 NECZener diode
UPC4574G2(5)-T2 NECQuad operational amplifier
2SK2514 NECNch vertical DMOS FET large-current actuator switching
RD2.2ESAB1 NEC0.4W DHD zener diode, 2.2V
2SC3841-T2B NECFor UHF tuner, MIXER and OSC.
RD36JS NECZener diode
2SK2412 NECLow withstand voltage Nch MOS FET
2SC3632-Z NECSilicon transistor
UPA1913TE-T2 NECPch enhancement type MOS FET
NNCD8.2F NECZener diode ESD, surge protection
2SC4175-T1 NECSilicon transistor
UPD16873MC-6A4 NECSpindle motor driver IC(driving at 5V supply voltage)
UPD78CP18GQ-36 NEC8-bit single-chip microcomputer
RD5.1F-T8 NEC1W Zener diode
UPD70F3037AGF-3BA NEC32-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller
PS2503L-1 NECPhotocoupler
NDL5531PD NECDiameter 30um Inp/InGas APD coaxial module
2SK3359-S NECNch power MOS FET
UPD16640CN-XX NECLCD source driver, 64 gray scale, 300/309 output
UPD754144GS-XX-BA5-E2 NEC4-bit single-chip microprocessor incorporated with EEPROM
PS2501L-1-E3 NECHigh collector withstand photo coupler
UB2-24SNU NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
2SC5338-T1 NECHigh-gain transistor
2SC4176 NECSilicon transistor
MC-4516CB646PF-A10 NEC128M-byte(16M-word x 64-bit) SDRAM DIMM

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