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7E-T4 2SJ355 MC-4R64CEE6C-845 FA1L4L-L UPD750066GT(A)-XX-E2 UPD77111GK-XX-9EU PS2532L1-1 UPC2757TB-E3 PS2525-1 2SK2723(JM) RD16JS UPD78213CW NL3224AC35-01 UB2-5NU-L NDL7605P1C RD82F-T7 RD10E RD11M-L UPD754304GS-XX-T1 RD36F 2SJ326-Z-T2 LD79U04K UPD16340 RD2.7M-T2B UPD17P709GC-3B9

NEC Datasheets Catalog-133

Part NoManufacturerApplication
RD13S NEC200 mW planar-type 2-pin small-sized mini-mold referenc
RD140E-T4 NEC500 mW constant-voltage diode
RD2.7E-T4 NEC500mW Zener diode
2SJ355 NECP-channel MOS FET (-30V, +-2A)
MC-4R64CEE6C-845 NEC64M-byte(32M-word x 16-bit) Direct Rambus(TM) DRAM RIMM(TM) Module
FA1L4L-L NECCompound transistor
UPD750066GT(A)-XX-E2 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer
UPD77111GK-XX-9EU NEC16-bit fixed point digital signal processor
PS2532L1-1 NECMulti-photocoupler
UPC2757TB-E3 NEC3V L-band down converter
PS2525-1 NECNEPOC double mold product 4-pin multiple
2SK2723(JM) NECNch power MOSFET MP-45F high-speed switching
RD16JS NECZener diode
UPD78213CW NEC8-bit single-chip microcomputer
NL3224AC35-01 NECDiagonal 14cm (5.5type) display area color LCD
UB2-5NU-L NECOpen and shut a circuit for small signal
NDL7605P1C NECInGaAsP MQW-DFB laser diode module with isolator
RD82F-T7 NEC1W Zener diode
RD10E NEC500mW Zener diode
RD11M-L NEC200mW Zener diode
UPD754304GS-XX-T1 NEC4-bit single-chip microcomputer
RD36F NEC1W Zener diode
2SJ326-Z-T2 NECP-channel enhancement type
LD79U04K NEC14GHz, 40W Microwave Power Module for Communications
UPD16340 NECAC-PDP data driver
RD2.7M-T2B NEC200mW Zener diode
UPD17P709GC-3B9 NECAutomobile DTS controller
RD2.4ES-TP NEC400mW Zener diode
UPC2749TB NEC1.9 GHz band low noise amplifier
UPC1458G2 NECDual operational amplifier

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