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TH8055JDC US5881L US5881L US5781E TH71072 TH71112 MLX90601EZACAA TH7111 MLX90108D MLX90111 MLX90601EZABBA TH71071 MLX32001EE-SO16WREEL TH7121NE MLX90804S US2881E MLX32001EE-SO16WTUBE MLX90110 MLX90247B US5781L MLX90255K-BA US5881L MLX90247C US1881L MLX90308CCCL MLX90210C US5781E

Melexis Datasheets Catalog-2

Part NoManufacturerApplication
MLX90255AB MelexisLinear sensor array consists of a 128 x 1 array of photodiodes
MLX90721S MelexisAuto shut off timer
TH8055JDC MelexisSingle wire CAN tranceiver
US5881L MelexisCMOS multi-purpose switch
US5881L MelexisCMOS multi-purpose switch
US5781E MelexisCMOS high sensitivity switch
TH71072 Melexis315/433 MHz ASK transmitter/LO source
TH71112 Melexis868/915 MHz FSK/FM/ASK receiver
MLX90601EZACAA MelexisSPI IR thermometer module. Digit, -20/120degC. 5V supply
TH7111 Melexis868/915MHz FSK/FM/ASK receiver
MLX90108D Melexis64-bit read only transponder. With gold bumps
MLX90111 Melexis128-bit read write transponder
MLX90601EZABBA MelexisAnalog IR thermometer module. 8-bit, 5/60degC, 5V supply
TH71071 Melexis315/433 MHz ASK transmitter/LO source
MLX32001EE-SO16WREEL MelexisUniversal PSTN line interface
TH7121NE Melexis300 to 930MHz FSK/FM/ASK transceiver
MLX90804S MelexisSpeed regulator for universal motors
US2881E MelexisCMOS high sensitivity latch
MLX32001EE-SO16WTUBE MelexisUniversal PSTN line interface
MLX90110 Melexis128-bit OTP/RW transponder
MLX90247B MelexisThermopile with on-chip thermistor
US5781L MelexisCMOS high sensitivity switch
MLX90255K-BA MelexisLinear optical array
US5881L MelexisCMOS multi-purpose switch
MLX90247C MelexisThermopile with 100K NTC thermistor
US1881L MelexisCMOS multi-purpose latch
MLX90308CCCL MelexisProgrammable sensor interface
MLX90210C MelexisPressure sensor IC
US5781E MelexisCMOS high sensitivity switch
US4881E MelexisCMOS low voltage high sensitivity latch

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