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Part NoApplication
TH3044JDC K-bus interface
MLX10407 5-channel gaude driver with serial link
MLX90314ABL Programmable sensor interface
MLX90314AAL Programmable sensor interface
TH71081 868/915 MHz ASK transmitter/LO source
TH7108 868/915MHz FSK/FM/ASK transmitter
MLX90308CABL Programmable sensor interface
US2881L CMOS high sensitivity latch
US3881L CMOS low voltage hall effect latch
MLX90314AAL Programmable sensor interface
US1881E CMOS multi-purpose latch
MLX10410 8 fold high side driver
MLX90719S General purpose timer
US4881L CMOS low voltage high sensitivity latch
MLX90255K-BA Linear optical array
TH6503 USB low-speed interface
MLX90313K Programmable IR sensor interface
MLX90711S Position/movement sensing auto-shutoff
MLX90601EZACBA SPI IR thermometer module. Digit, 5/60degC. 5V supply
TH3044.3A K-bus interface
TH7110 315/433MHz FSK/FM/ASK receiver
US79K CMOS power hall IC
MLX90805S Intelligent triac controller
MLX90111 128-bit read write transponder
MLX90108E 64-bit read only transponder. Without gold bumps
MLX90314ABL Programmable sensor interface
US3881L CMOS low voltage hall effect latch
US2882L CMOS high sensitivity latch

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Melexis Microelectronic Systems manufactures integrated semiconductors, ICs, LED driver ICs, hall effect sensors, rfid tags, DC motor controllers and more for the automotive industry.

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